Friday, February 10, 2006

Why Must I Be Made A Liar?!

It seems every time I post about something that's coming up on a certain day that it somehow gets set back either to a different date or indefinitely. Well guess what? Happened again!

The article about me in CMlife didn't run today. Instead, I'm led to believe it will be in Monday's edition. Why they didn't run it today is beyond me, though in a way I'm kinda glad. Historically, Friday's edition of CMlife rarely gets a lot of readers, since so many of them sleep in from boozing it up the night before or head home for the weekend without seeing the newspaper. So if the article does indeed appear in Monday's edition, you can check it out at

Having said all that, I have it on good authority that the radio inteview I'm a part of will indeed still air on Monday on 91.5 FM between 6-6:30 PM. Check my last blog for a link to the website where you can stream it to your computer.

As for my work in the Yenny comic book, Dave Alvarez tells me that Alias Comics has been pretty bad with their shipping schedules, so he's not sure when the issue will be sent out to stores. He tells me that the entire comic book has been sent to them, though, and should be packaged and ready to go. So let's just keep our fingers crossed that it achieves the February launch date that I'd hoped for.

And my interview for the Saginaw News is still slated for Sunday, so keep an eye out for that, too.

Hopefully I'll have some more definite and less schedule-challenged news to share with you in the near future.

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Benjamin Ray said...

You know how things are over there. Stories get bumped and budget meetings are basically a shouting match to see who can get their pet project stories on the front. Don't count on anything from Life.

I hope things are going well for you, though, Jay. I cringe when I read the comics and realize you aren't there, but 1/2 of the dreck like Arlo & Janis is. But you have Laura and a few steady jobs, so life can't be all bad.

Things are good out here in New York as well.