Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I've been more out of touch with updating my blog than usual. As before, it's been a case of "nothing to talk about, so why make a post?" But I've got a sufficient amount to share now. Let's get down to it...

I'm currently working on the next "Bodie Troll" mini series. At present, the plan is for another four issues, though if I can manage it, I'd like to stretch it out to five. There's no set release date yet, but rest assured, this one will be worth the wait. I've finished drawing the next issue (#1, in the technical sense). The cover's completed (see above), and I'm in the process of scanning and coloring pages. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at page 1...  


Also on my drawing board, I'm working on an eight page story for a crime anthology called "UNLAWFUL GOOD". It's being spearheaded and edited by my friend Heather Antos. If you haven't yet, you'll be hearing plenty about this in the coming months, with a Kickstarter leading the way to what will be a very fun comic full of a variety of talented artists and writers. My own story is called "MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES." It's a wordless story that draws inspiration from 1950's film noir movies and TV shows (particularly my favorite detective show, "Peter Gunn"), and takes a big visual cue from old 1950's cartoons, particularly those produced by the UPA Animation Studio. Like most of my comic work, I wrote it (if you can consider a wordless story written), drew it and colored it (it's black, white and grayscale, if that counts as coloring), and I'm very excited to be working in this new style. You can see the opening panel below...


I do as many shows as I can each year, and most are modest sized and within driving distance. Well, I'm closing out this con season with four bigguns that are a bit outside my usual travel area.

  • SAN DIEGO COMIC CON (July 24th-27th) : My second year attending! I'll be doing some signing times at the National Cartoonists Society booth, and at Red 5's booth (publisher of "Bodie Troll"). Unfortunately, those times haven't been confirmed yet. So this is more of a  heads up that I will be at the con, and if you can find me, those are the places I'll be.

  • FAN EXPO TORONTO (August 28th-31st): For the second year in a row, and my fourth appearance at one of their shows (they also put on Toronto Comicon in March), I'll be in artist alley at my favorite con in my favorite city! If all goes accordingly, you'll find me sitting between Julie Faulkner (creator of "Promises Promises") and Jay Jacot (Creator of "The Tao of Snarky").

  • BALTIMORE COMIC CON (September 5th-7th): This is a brand new one for me, but one I've heard tremendous things about. I'll be in artist alley, and more specifically, in the all-ages comic creators pavilion.

  • NEW YORK COMIC CON (October 10th-13th): This is the biggest jump I've made for a con. NYCC is the second biggest show in North America, and I will be set up in my own little pocket of artist alley. It's going to be a heck of a trip, not to mention it falls just three days after my 40th birthday, so I'll be celebrating in the big apple. It'll be an amazing way to wrap up my con season, and to say goodbye to my 30's.

So that's where we are for now, kids. Other things are bubbling below the surface that I can't talk about yet, but they're good. Oh, they're good. Thanks for coming back after such a long absence. I hope to return with more news a lot sooner than before!