Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm keeping the news simple this week, kids. Just meat and potatoes:


The new comic-themed gallery show I'm participating in has its opening this Friday, April 17th from 6-9 pm. I'll be in attendance with other participating artists. Click HERE for further details. Click HERE for directions to Gallery Project. And note that there's metered parking on the streets, and a parking structure two blocks south of the gallery on 4th Avenue and William Street (which I recommend).


Laura and I are moving…sorta. We're staying in the same building, but moving two doors down to a two bedroom so I can have a studio again! Woo hoo! So as of April 25th, our new address will be (write this down, people):

Jay Fosgitt
2025 Huron Parkway #301
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

And yes, our phone number will remain the same.

Jonathan Myer--fan and creator of the Bogus Meat Factory Podcast--recently interviewed me for his blog. It's my first real interview regarding Dead Duck, it was a blast to do and makes for a good read. You can check it out HERE.

I just got the final conformation that Marian-Heath Greeting Cards will be buying two gags I wrote for two political birthday cards. This is a new avenue for me, since I've never sold any gags before that didn't accompany a cartoon. I'll put the word out when they'll be for sale and where.


On Sunday night I received an e-mail asking me if I wanted to contribute to a series of trading cards featuring the characters from Archie comics. Without question, I jumped on board, and will now be drawing twenty-four cards featuring Archie and his gang. This is officially licensed through Archie Comics, and a lifelong dream come true. The very first comics I read as a kid were Archie's, and I look forward to putting my own creative spin on the gang from Riverdale. More news to come.

I've recently begun production on my first comic work with someone else's characters. My editors at Ape Entertainment concocted a concept called "Little Green Men" about aliens coming to Earth, and based off my Dead Duck work, asked me to write and draw it. I was allowed to flesh out the concept a bit and have had a blast working on it thus far. I'm not sure what format it'll appear in when done (graphic novel, online comic, etc…) but I'll let you know when it's decided, and I'll post some art once I get the okay.

So ends the update. Hope to see some of you guys at the gallery show. Call or e-mail me if you have any questions. And more news is coming down the pipeline!

Much love,


Saturday, April 11, 2009

NEW GALLERY SHOW and other news

I'm back, and with the press release for the upcoming gallery show I'm participating in. Read all about it below....

"Visual Storytelling" at Gallery Project
Wednesday, April 15 through Sunday, May 24
Opening Reception: Friday, April 17, from 6-9

Gallery Project presents Visual Storytelling, a multi-media exhibit showcasing the craft and imagination of a young generation of artists nationally known for their iconic graphic illustrations and gripping sequential narratives. The exhibit opens at noon on Wednesday, April 15, and runs until 4 on Sunday, May 24. The reception is on Friday, April 17, from 6-9. The artists of Visual Storytelling enjoy life in virtual worlds of their own creation. In these worlds, heroes, villains and otherworldly creatures reign, waging battles for dominance and survival and questing for clarity and truth in an uncertain world. The illustrations and visual narrations that weave their stories are the subject matter of this exhibit. Media include single page sequences, individual illustrations, roundabouts (process of creating a character), sketchbooks, videos, models, and storyboards. The exhibit is curated by three Ann Arborites: former Star Wars illustrator Katie Coo k, graphic designer Ryan N. Wilcox, and Gallery Project collaborator, Matt Degenaro.
Artists in the exhibit include Katie Cook, Jeremy Bastion, Matt Busch, Joshua Cotter, Dan Cutler, Guy Davis , Jamie Dee Galey, Dave Dwonch , Anthony Fontana, Sandra Fontana, Jay Fosgitt , Otis Frampton, Jessica Hickman, Tom Hodges, Karen Luk, Keeli McCarthy, Jake Minor, Matt Minor, Jon Morris, David Petersen, Nathan Pride, Nick Sousanis, Paul Taylor and Adam Winnie. Artwork, above, from left to right, Jessica Hickman, "Space Quint", Paul Taylor, "Wapsi Square", and Guy Davis, "B.P.R.D. The Warning". Gallery Project is a fine art collaborative. Its mission is to provide a venue for contemporary art that is culturally aware, individualistic, courageous, and thought provoking. Gallery Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is located at 215 South Fourth Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Spring gallery hours: Tuesday through Thursday, noon-6; Friday and Saturday, noon-9; and Sunday, noon-4. The gallery is closed on Mondays. For more information, please call 734-997-7012 or contact us through our website: thegalleryproject.com.

215 South 4th Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


For directions to Gallery Project, click HERE.

There is also talk about having a group drawing event at the gallery during the exhibition. The tentative date is April 30th, and would involve a group of artists participating in the show to have one big jam session in some fashion. I'll be a part of it for sure, and I'll post an update next week with more definite plans for anyone who'd like to attend and view us artists in action.

In more recent news, I just received an e-mail from the art director at Marian Heath Greeting Cards. I'd sent him some samples for some political-themed greeting cards a few weeks ago. Evidently, the company is interested in two of the cards I created, but they just want to buy the writing, not the art. This is kind of a double-edged sword for me, since it's complimentary that they liked my writing, but kind of a sting that the art didn't pass muster. I've always said I was an artist first, but work is work, and I won't pass it up. Laura actually made me feel better by suggesting that they'll probably use my writing with actual photos of the politicians, as is often the case in political greeting cards. That's not a knock on my art, that's just following a trend. I can accept that. Anyway, you can view my political cards below. The first two are the ones the company may be using.

And if you haven't been keeping up, I encourage you to visit my online Dead Duck comic, which you can do HERE. It's been getting favorable responses, and it's a nice bit of entertainment you can rely on every Friday.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. To anyone else, just enjoy the weekend to the best of your ability.

Much love,


Friday, April 03, 2009


So I sent in my payment for Wizard World Chicago last week. For those who don't know, it's a very big comic convention with lots of famous folk from comics and other related areas of pop culture. So today I called the event coordinators for the con to see if my payment had arrived. They said it did, and told me to check out their website. When I did, I was delighted to find this little nugget (click here!).

How cool is that, I ask you? You can even click on my name and get linked to my website and a peek at a full Dead Duck story! It'll be my first comic con promoting Dead Duck, and I'm very excited! Matter of fact, I've recently created a page that will display my upcoming appearances and events, and this con will certainly be one of the biggies. There's a link on the right margin of this blog if you'd like to check it out, or you can view it here (click here again!).

And as a reminder, my next gallery appearance will be on April 17th at Project Gallery, where I'll be displaying more Dead Duck pages and some cool rough character sketches as well. Read more about it HERE, and I hope to see you there!

More news soon, my friends!

Much love,


Wednesday, April 01, 2009


So the gallery show at EMU was a great success! Loads of people attended and the panel discussion afterwards was fun and informative, probably more so for me than for the audience! But before I get too much into that event, I want to alert you to my next upcoming appearance.

My work will be featured in the Visual Storytelling Exhibition at Gallery Project in downtown Ann Arbor. As before, this show is comics-oriented and filled with the art of comic pros all from over the country. I'll be featuring different works from Dead Duck than what I had in the previous show, and I'll be displaying some preliminary sketches of Dead Duck characters as well as original pages and color prints.

The show goes up on April 15th and closes on May 24th. There will be a reception on Friday, April 17th, which I'll be attending. It's open to the public, and I encourage comic fans or anyone who had to miss the previous show to catch this one if you can. You can get directions at this link: PROJECT GALLERY And there's a parking structure just one block south of the gallery for easy parking. Let me know if you can make it. I'd love to see you there!

Now, a quick recap of last night's Michigan Comics Exhibition.

I was nervous as hell. Thankfully, Laura was there, and as always, was my rock to lean on. There was a wide variety of cartooning represented, from comic strips, editorial comics, underground comics, comic books, caricatures and even photography. I was fortunate to have one fan, Dave Morris, drive up from Ohio to see the show. He'd commissioned me the day before to draw a hula dancing Zombie Chick piece, and I was happy to have it ready for him at the opening.

I was doubly fortunate to have a slew of friends show up to root for me. My cartooning brother-in-arms Evan Shaner, his lovely wife Carla, the ever-adorable Stefanie Din and my best bud, ex-editor and legal backbone, Nick all had my back that night, and I really appreciated it.

Here's me and Nick. Nick's obviously asking me, "Where's my cut?"

Here's me and Laura. Just her standing next to me gives me more class than I'd otherwise have.

The panel discussion was a thrill, but man, I was nervous as all get out. As I sat amongst these cartooning professionals, I worried that I wouldn't have anything to talk about, or that I'd say something stupid. Well, I found plenty to say. Whether or not it was stupid I couldn't tell, but I made people laugh which is always a good feeling. I got to talk to some fans and up and some kids who wanted to know more about the profession, and it meant a lot to me to be able to share and relate with them.

Here we were playing musical chairs right before the discussion.

Me, in a fog amongst my peers.

Me, pretending I know what I'm talking about.

And me looking like a little shit whose up to something. That's my pal Dave Coverly on the far right, who's better at hiding his mischievous nature.

So it was a great experience, and I'm very thankful to have been a part of it. Hopefully some of you who missed it will be able to make the next show this month. But if not, rest assured there will be more photos and a play-by-play in this blog after that show, too!

Much love,