Friday, March 28, 2014


At long last, the BODIE TROLL TRADE PAPERBACK is in stores! The book turned out terrific, and the reaction of return readers and new ones alike has been wonderful. If you haven't already, visit your local comic shop and grab one while you can! The trade will be in constant circulation, so if your shop says they're out of stock, have them connect with Diamond Distribution or Red 5 Comics, and I'm sure they can get more copies!

I unveiled the "Bodie" trade at Toronto Comicon at the start of March. My next convention appearance is also in Canada, at The Sarnia Pop Culture Show this Sunday. It's only an hour and twenty minutes from my home, and just over the border, so it's the perfect show for traveling. Not to mention I'll be doing the show with some of my comic creator friends from both sides of the border. Good times will commence, and the poutine will flow like wine!

But now, the BIG news...

 The National Cartoonists Society has just released the nominees for their division awards, and "Bodie Troll" has been nominated for best comic book of 2013! I'm kinda speechless and gobsmacked about it--this is the biggest honor of my career. There are only three nominees for this category--I'm up against the great Sergio Aragones and his "Sergio Aragones Funnies" comic for Bongo, and Chris Samnee, artist on Marvel's "Daredevil" comic. I couldn't be in more esteemed company, and I couldn't be more proud to have "Bodie Troll" recognized by the NCS! They'll announce the winner on May 25th, so I'll let you know the results then!

More news soon, and more Bodie by the bushel!