Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BODIE TROLL UPDATE 11/12/13 (wow--that's kinda neat!)

Bodie Troll #4 hits stores tomorrow! If you haven't pre-ordered your copy, call ahead to your local comic shop, and hope like heck that they have enough issues to go around! #4 concludes a two-part story where Bodie finds a strange baby who causes objects to fall from the sky whenever he poops! It's action (and diaper) packed fun for everyone!

This also wraps up the first Bodie Troll mini-series, but no worries--the Bodie Troll trade paperback comes out in February, collecting the first four issues, plus a bunch of awesome bonus materials! Then on May 3rd, a brand new Bodie adventure will be featured in Red 5's Free Comic Book Day issue! Then towards the end of 2014, a new Bodie mini-series will begin, which I'm making plans for as we speak!

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for Bodie Troll, folks! There's so much more to come!