Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's new with me? Glad you asked…

It has been a wild summer so far, in a pretty positive sense. I've had a major influx of art gigs come my way, to the tune of one caricaturing gig per Saturday for virtually the entire month of June (I'm still holding out for June 30th) with plenty more coming for the remaining summer and beyond. I've also had several commissions for various family portraits, which, along with the caricaturing, has helped out my income greatly.

I've also sent out (finally) those greeting cards that I created months ago to Recycled Paper Greetings in Chicago. They tend to take a month or two to reply so I anticipate hearing from them before summer's end.

I've also decided to accept the offer made to me by the previously and currently unnamed super-secret project shareholders to do some long-term illustration work for them. It will be a gamble, but if their product is a hit, I could stand to make out pretty well.

Lastly, my old pal and fellow cartoonist Adam Talley (creator of the comic book "Pleasant Hymns", currently re-titled "Pleasant Life") has brought me aboard to illustrate an entire Halloween special issue he's writing. I'm already three pages into it, and it's gonna be pretty cool. It will be available in October, and I'll have a limited supply that I'll be selling both here on my website as well as on So when the time comes, buy soon and buy often!

This may well be my shortest blog ever. But taking the advice of the fairy godmother from the animated film "Twice Upon A Time", "Call me FGM. I hate excess verbiage." So I'll leave it at that. Take care, and stay close to your computer. More news is heading down the pipeline as we speak.