Thursday, September 19, 2013


Diamond just announced that the long-awaited issue #3 of my comic, BODIE TROLL, will hit shelves this Wednesday! I highly encourage people to call ahead and reserve copies for themselves now, before they all sold out like issues 1 and 2 have!

In related news, BODIE TROLL has been nominated for the Best Kids Comic in the 2013 Shel Dorf Awards, the official comic awards of the Detroit fanfare Comic Con! Click on this link and the site should walk you through the voting process. Thanks in advance from me and Bodie!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jay's back, and he's got photos...

Hey folks, long time no blog, right? By my records, it's been two months since my last update. That's not to say I haven't had anything to report in the past two months. Quite the opposite. I've been hard at work on "Bodie Troll", while balancing other freelance gigs and a couple comic cons. That, plus I've relocated to Plymouth, Michigan--a welcomed move, but one which cut into my work and blogging productivity. But I'm back at it, and with a full report to get you up to speed.

BODIE TROLL: Issue #3 was due out at the end of August. But some sort of snafu at Red 5's printer in Asia delayed its release. At present, it still hasn't hit stores. But I think it safe to say it should be out within the next couple weeks, if not earlier. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview to whet your "Bodie Troll" appetite. As always, click the images to upsize.
Issue #4 is similarly going to be delayed, this time due to my moving in July. At present, the issue is fully drawn, and I'm eight pages into coloring the 23 page story. I'll be turning it in at the end of this month, and I hope to see it released in October, possibly by Halloween.

Issue #4 will wrap up the first "Bodie" mini-series, but trust me--there's MUCH more to come. The first "Bodie Troll" trade paperback, compiling all four issues and a whole bunch of special extras, will be going into production soon, with a possible release of January or February. After that, I'll begin working on the next "Bodie" mini-series through Red 5. No release date slated for that yet, but rest assured, "Bodie" is my top creative priority, and I have plans to keep his stories going for a long time to come.

CONVENTIONS: I partook in two spectacular comic cons in these past two months, at Fan Expo in Toronto in August, and the first Cincinnati ComiCon in September. They both provided me with good business, great fans, a lots of memories. And like an annoying relative from the 80's with a slide projector full of his vacation snapshots, I've brought photos...

 Me, Tony Miello, Ted Woods (sleeping) and Jay Jacot (driving) en route to Fan Expo Toronto...

My first commission of Fan Expo--the British superhero Miracle man.

A drawing I did for one of my favorite actors, Alyson Court (star of one of my favorite childhood movies, "My Pet Monster")
 Me with Alyson Court. I was thrilled to meet her, and she was such a cool person...

I drew a cartoon for puppeteer Rob Mills, who I've long admired. Rob is developing a new puppet show for the web called "Ruffus' Steam Punk Adventure", so I drew him in character.
 My with the great, talented and very friendly Rob Mills.

A commission for a fellow who owned an ice cream parlor called "Scooperman". This is the store's mascot.

Me and "Captain Canuck" creator Richard Comely. "Captain Canuck" is a Canadian Superhero who's recently experiencing a resurgence as a web cartoon. I'm a big fan, and presented Richard with my "Dudley Do-Right dressed as Captain Canuck" print that I'd made for the con.

A commission for Lara Croft--Tomb Raider.

A fellow asked me to draw in a blank panel from an old issue of Alpha Flight, using the existing dialogue. Not surprisingly, I made it a big ol' fart joke.

A commission where I was asked to mix the "Fairly Odd Parents" with The Enchantress from Marvel Comics' "Thor".

A sketch cover commission of She-Hulk (though without color, she just looks like a muscular lady).

A commission for DC Comics' Brainiac.

This little girl was dressed as Merida from the animated film "Brave", but to me, she looked like a little Cholly from "Bodie Troll". Her parents bought my comic for her, and I drew her caricature for looking so much like Cholly.

These were two girls who frequented my and Jay Jacot's tables. They're dressed as River and Mal from "Firefly".

A commission of  monsters from the Japanese movie "The War of the Gargantuas".

My table neighbor dressed as Rogue from X-Men.

A commission of Lockjaw from Marvel Comics' "The Inhumans".

And onto Cincinnati ComiCon. This was the view from outside the hotel room I shared with "Cursed Pirate Girl" creator Jeremy Bastian.

The view from inside my hotel room, of Jeremy Bastian.

Me, sketching in bed and, quite typically, holding a pencil in my mouth.
A commission of Captain Kirk meeting Michael Myers.
The biggest thrill of the weekend for me, meeting R2D2.
A re-design I did of Batman, which I donated to a charity auction put on by the con.

A sketch cover commission I did of Bodie Troll meeting Marvel Comics' Tigra.

A commission of a gender-swapped Beast from Marvel's X-Men.

A sketch I did of Marvel's Rocket Raccoon.

A sketch I did of Ramona Flowers.

Lastly, a sketch I did for Nicole Castaneda, a friend and wife of cartoonist Justin Castaneda. She had a "Moulin"-themed sketch book, and I couldn't resist this gag, which makes much more sense if you've seen the movie.
So, that about does it for "Jay Fosgitt's life in the span of two months". I'll hopefully be back sooner than later with more info on "Bodie Troll" and other projects.