Monday, December 06, 2010


I suppose if anything major happens between now and December 31st, then I'll certainly post one more blog entry, making this the second to last blog of 2010. But y'see, that's kinda what this last blog is about--the likelihood of there being anything major.

2010 wasn't what I thought it would be. I really thought Dead Duck was going to be a huge hit, and carry me into a more successful career than what I'd previously experienced. There'd been some bumps and snags along the way to getting Dead Duck in print, but I really believed it would all pay off in the end. As it turns out, that overnight success never quite happened, and the majority of folks who own a copy of Dead Duck, or even have a passing knowledge of the comic's existence, are probably reading this right now. It's not as big a number as some believe.

Scraping together enough optimism to continue wasn't easy. Wasn't, as if it got easy at some point. As of this writing, it's still not easy. I've had more false starts at potentially big projects this year than in all the years I've been a professional cartoonist. Companies who seemed interested in Dead Duck would eventually passed on it. Comic companies who expressed interest in me working on popular franchises for them would take their time to mull things over, then decide I wasn't the right fit for the project. The most recent false start hasn't even been given a definitive end. The more follow up e-mails I send to see if this company is still interested in me, the less I hear back from them. If I allowed myself to be more of a pessimist, I might see how definitive an end that really is.

The year has had its bright moments. I've had many great convention experiences, and made many good friends. I've met some of my professional heroes, and I've reconnected with some friends from my past. I've been busy enough with cartooning work to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. And I've discovered the food of the gods--buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese dressing. You don't want that to be the highlight of your year, but it would make a very tasty highlight to be certain.

So I end this year a little let down, a lot appreciative, and still hopeful for what's to come. The optimism that I'm constantly grabbing at is that much closer in reach due to those who have always supported and encouraged me. If you’re read this, you're one of 'em, and I thank you.

Okay, 2011. Give me your best shot.