Monday, December 06, 2010


I suppose if anything major happens between now and December 31st, then I'll certainly post one more blog entry, making this the second to last blog of 2010. But y'see, that's kinda what this last blog is about--the likelihood of there being anything major.

2010 wasn't what I thought it would be. I really thought Dead Duck was going to be a huge hit, and carry me into a more successful career than what I'd previously experienced. There'd been some bumps and snags along the way to getting Dead Duck in print, but I really believed it would all pay off in the end. As it turns out, that overnight success never quite happened, and the majority of folks who own a copy of Dead Duck, or even have a passing knowledge of the comic's existence, are probably reading this right now. It's not as big a number as some believe.

Scraping together enough optimism to continue wasn't easy. Wasn't, as if it got easy at some point. As of this writing, it's still not easy. I've had more false starts at potentially big projects this year than in all the years I've been a professional cartoonist. Companies who seemed interested in Dead Duck would eventually passed on it. Comic companies who expressed interest in me working on popular franchises for them would take their time to mull things over, then decide I wasn't the right fit for the project. The most recent false start hasn't even been given a definitive end. The more follow up e-mails I send to see if this company is still interested in me, the less I hear back from them. If I allowed myself to be more of a pessimist, I might see how definitive an end that really is.

The year has had its bright moments. I've had many great convention experiences, and made many good friends. I've met some of my professional heroes, and I've reconnected with some friends from my past. I've been busy enough with cartooning work to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. And I've discovered the food of the gods--buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese dressing. You don't want that to be the highlight of your year, but it would make a very tasty highlight to be certain.

So I end this year a little let down, a lot appreciative, and still hopeful for what's to come. The optimism that I'm constantly grabbing at is that much closer in reach due to those who have always supported and encouraged me. If you’re read this, you're one of 'em, and I thank you.

Okay, 2011. Give me your best shot.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're gonna take this CON-voy, cross the USA...CON-voooooyyyy....

If you were born anytime after 1980, don't expect to get that reference. Bad novelty song from the 70's, that's all you gotta know. But it also alludes to my con appearances from the past month,which I'm here with digital photos in hand to regale you with. So what're we waitin' for? Let's get to regalin'!

Before the cons even went down, I did a "Little Green Men" signing at Wonderworld Comics in Taylor Michigan in late October. My pal and fellow comic creator Tony Miello set it up for me, and shop owner Dennis Barger hosted the whole sha-bang. Good shop and good people. Here's a pic from that day.

The following weekend was the very first DETROIT FANFARE comic con in Dearborn, Michigan. I had a blast--seated next to the always friendly, funny and phenomenal artist Guy Davis (creator of the comic The Marquis and artist on Dark Horse's BPRD comic).
The Devil's Night bash that the con threw was a riot as well. I put on my best Fred Flintstone costume and hung out with some great people. Here I am with Anna Pocalypse creator (and my old CMU college pal) Adam Talley...
  And most significantly, I finally got to celebrate Halloween (albeit a night early) with my sweetie, Laura--seen here in an AWESOME homemade Ramona Flowers costume, from the Scott Pilgrim comic/movie...
The rest of the con was as great as could be. And I ended it with a wonderful post-con dinner with Laura, Guy and his equally awesome fiancee, Rosemary Van Deuren (whom I seriously regret not getting a photo with--she wore the coolest Liz Sherman costume at the con! That's a Hellboy character, for the unaware--appropriate since Guy draws her in BPRD, y'see!

But the ink was hardly dry on the commissions I drew at Fanfare before I was all packed up for the following weekend and headed down I-75 south with cartoonist Tony Miello, blazing a trail to Mid Ohio Con! This was the view from the terrace on our floor. Much nicer than the standard hotel parking lot views I'm used to...
Here I am at my table--That's Tony Miello (creator of "Gapo the Clown") hunkered down behind me. It was actually Tony's space, but he brought an extra table for me, and created a non-con approved end booth for me. I'm so indebted to the big lug, I tell ya.
This was a Spider-Man I drew for Tony...
And here was the absolute coolest turn of events in my choosing to come to Mid Ohio--I got to meet one of my idols, Adam Hughes! If you don't know, Adam is THE cover artist for almost every sexy female superhero that DC comics produces, as well as having sexed up covers for Dark Horse, Marvel and Star wars projects. Adam was a very cool person (in keeping with all the other cool folk I'd met at these cons), and I gave him a Wonder Woman piece I drew, which parodied a famous Wonder Woman cover he drew some years back. Such a great memory....
So that was an excellent capper for my comic con road trips. Since then I've been hard at work, hashing out new pages for the next Little Green men comic (hope you got your hands on the first volume), catching up on commissions and working frantically on a sketch card set for Rittenhouse, called "Marvel: Dangerous Divas", featuring Marvel Comics' various female characters. I have to have 100 of these done, in full color no less, by January, so it's been quite the artistic marathon in my studio thus far.

I've got more cons planned already for the spring and summer, and will let you know about them before too long. In the meantime, this may be the last you hear from me before the holidays hit. So my best and warmest to you and yours this season, and I hope to catch up with you guys soon, if not before the ball drops on Times Square, than certainly soon after, and in the best of circumstances for a bright and wonderful 2011!

Big hugs,


Saturday, October 23, 2010


On Saturday Oct. 30th and Sunday the 31st, I'll have a table at Detroit Fanfare, a brand new comic con being held in Dearborn, Michigan. It's gonna be balls out awesome, with great comic creators like Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), Guy Davis (The Marquis, B.P.R.D.), and the guest of honor, Stan "The Man" Lee. Now little ol' me, I'll have all sorts of great Halloween treats at my table for you guys. Prints, commissions, original art and sketch card returns for sale, and this brand new baby, fresh off the printer...
 My very first sketchbook! It's 32 pages, and will sell for $10.00 at the con. I'm including a personalized caricature on the cover of whoever purchases the book. You'll be this adorable little bunny's hostage! How sweetly criminal is THAT?!

And for those of you who still haven't gotten your copies of Dead Duck, I'll be giving you another chance, along with a rare opportunity. Not only will you get a copy from my very limited, personal stash of Dead Duck books, but I'll draw an original Dead Duck sketch on the inside cover. And of course that includes the potential for a Zombie Chick sketch. Like you need to ask. So show up and get 'em while they're there to be got!

Lastly, I'll have the honor of participating in a panel discussion on Saturday at 2pm with two of my fellow National Cartoonist Society brothers, Dave Coverly (creator of the syndicated comic "Speed Bump") and Jef Mallett (creator of the syndicated comic "Frazz"). Us three are Michigan born and bred cartoonists, which is the focus of our panel. So that should be reason enough to come to Detroit Fanfare, right?!

Here is a link to Fanfare's website. Check it out, take notes, hitchhike, sell your kid sister, pick a fight with a mime, whatever you gotta do to get your ass out to Detroit Fanfare on Halloween weekend! Good times are preordained, my friends! Hope to see you there!

Hugs, bro taps and dirty jokes for all--


Monday, October 11, 2010


Just a reminder that I'll be signing copies of my newest book, "LITTLE GREEN MEN" (published by Ape Entertainment) on Saturday from noon to 5 at Wonderworld Comics in Taylor, MI!  You can visit Wonderworld's website HERE for more info!

Like I mentioned before, "Little Green Men" (or LGM) is an all-ages comic, so it's perfectly appropriate for any age group to read (heck, I'm 36 and I'm reading it--and I write and draw the darn thing)! You can find out more about it by visiting my website's LGM page HERE! I'll also be selling some prints at Wonderworld and taking sketch commissions!

I will also be appearing at The Detroit Fanfare Comic Con on Oct. 30th and 31st (more info on that next week). But I need to mention that I WILL NOT HAVE COPIES OF LGM AT DETROIT FANFARE! So if you want to buy a copy and have me autograph it for you, this Saturday at Wonderworld is your only chance!
 Hope to see you there!

Much hugs--


Monday, October 04, 2010


Hey kids! I'm back with some dates for you to remember...

Saturday, October 16th, noon to 5 pm.
I'll have issues of LGM to sell, as well as original artwork and prints. For directions and other info, you can visit Wonderworld's website HERE. 
NOTE: LGM is an all-ages book, so this event is appropriate for anyone. That said, anyone who has a copy of my first graphic novel, "Dead Duck" (not even kinda all ages appropriate) and wants to get it autographed should bring it to this signing, and I'll be happy to oblige!

Saturday, Oct. 30th and 31st 
A brand new comic con in Dearborn, Michigan! Get all the info you need about it HERE! I'll have a table there, and will have some con exclusive items for sale, such as:
--Copies of Dead Duck!  I've got a new shipment coming in just in time for this con. As always, I'll sign copies, and will include an original sketch on the inside cover!
--My very first sketchbook! I've scavenged my recent sketchbooks, loose doodles and some of my favorite previously unseen work and compiled it all in "THE JAY P. FOSGITT SKETCHBOOK 1". It will be in a standard comic book format, 32 pages in length, and will have space on the front cover for a sketch! You can view my sketchbook's cover below...
And how about that adorable bunny trying to seal a mint condition copy of Action Comics #1? But this sketchbook, and I'll draw a caricature of you behind him as his hostage!

And hopefully you'll notice my new logo in the upper left corner of the cover...
This is the logo I plan on using for all my self published creations from now on! Not a bad name for my publishing outfit, huh?

For Fanfare, I'll also be accepting commissions, selling original art and prints! So lots of good stuff will be found at my table! Just look for the Dead Duck banner and I'll be there!

UPDATE 10/04/10: I totally forgot to mention that, at Detroit Fanfare, I'll be doing a panel discussion with syndicated cartoonists and my fellow National Cartoonist Society Members, Dave Coverly ("Speedbump") and Jef Mallett ("Frazz"), and Detroit Freepress editorial cartoonist Mike Thompson! That should be incentive enough to attend!

If you have any questions about either of these events, click on the links I provided for more info, or contact me at: Hope to see you guys soon!


Sunday, August 01, 2010


I don't know about you, but it's been far too long since my last blog post for my satisfaction! So I'm here to ladle news, updates, fevered musings and stray thoughts all over you, my loyal audience, whom obviously like the idea of being ladled upon 'cause you keep coming back. Weird.

I'm still in talks with a certain editor from a certain comic book publisher about carrying "Dead Duck". Nothing is even close to finalized. But there is still interest on both sides, and it's my hope that I'll know something, anything, before fall hits.

I've recently opened up a shop at, and my first piece of merchandise for sale is a Dead Duck t-shirt. It's basic black with this design on the front:
You'll hopefully notice that this was the cover of my Dead Duck graphic novel. I really love that design, and putting it on a shirt seemed like a great way to keep that art circulating! If this shirt sells well, I have a couple other designs in the hopper that I'm anxious to unveil. But we'll keep it with this first one for now and see how interest grows. Click here to visit my cafepress shop and order your Dead Duck t-shirt!

NON-COMIC ART WORK: I've had my share of caricaturing gigs this summer, and have two more coming in the next couple weeks in both Lansing and Saginaw. I've also drawn some interesting individual and family portraits, some human and some, well, not so human, which you can view below:

I've illustrated a CD cover for a client:
 I've designed a logo for a kiteboarding company:
I've designed a logo for a hockey team:
I wrote and illustrated an article for an online magazine about my favorite long-forgotten animated film, "Twice Upon A Time." You can see the illustration below, and click HERE to read the article:
And I'm currently working on an ad campaign for a newspaper in New York. It's still in the beginning stages, but if it works out, it'll be a good challenge and great money. Here's the rough sketch I came up with for it:
As I mentioned before, "Little Green Men", a web comic I've written and drawn for Ape Entertainment over the past year or so, will be a graphic novel available for purchase sometime this August. In the meantime, you can view many of my "LGM" comics online HERE.
I'll have a table at DETROIT FANFARE, a brand new comic con being held in Dearborn, Michigan over Halloween. Unlike most cons, it's going to be all comic book professionals--no wrestlers, old TV stars or porn models. There's going to be lots of cool creators there, and the special guest of honor will be Stan Lee, the main man behind the bulk of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Click HERE for more info on that. Rest assured, I'll be posting about this event later when it gets closer on the calendar. 

I've had my share of sketch card assignments in the past year, and it's added up to a wild and diverse collection of properties. First, there's the "Cartoon Sketch" series that I worked on for Breygent Marketing. We were allowed to draw such classic characters as Betty Boop, Casper the ghost and Mighty Mouse, and I had a blast putting my spin on these characters. Here's just a handful of what I drew:

Then I worked on the "P'ups" sketch cards for 5finity. The assignment was to draw scantily clad pin-up girls with a variety of puppy breeds. Just cute and harmless cheesecake stuff, and so much fun to draw. Here are some of the cards I created for that series:
 After that, I worked on the "Female Persuasion" sketch card set for 5finity. This was a series where, again, artists drew scantily clad women in various themes. Hey, sex sells. I also designed the art for the backs of some of the cards. Here is the backing art and the sketch cards I came up with:
 After this, 5finity had me draw some sketch cards of the Archie Comics' character, Sabrina:
Now my latest sketch card assignment for 5finity is for the comic book property, "Hack/Slash". The comic is about Cassie Hack, a girl whose mom was a slasher of the Freddy Krueger/Jason Voorhees variety, and whom Cassie had to destroy. So now the girl, with her hulking sidekick Vlad, hunts and kills slashers. Being a big horror fan, this is easily the coolest sketch card assignment I've been handed since I worked on Star Wars: Galaxy 5 for Topps last winter. While I haven't quite begun my work on the Hack/Slash set yet, I can show you some of my preliminary sketches for the characters. That's Vlad and Cassie on the left, while the three weapon-carrying fiends to the right are characters I just came up with for them to battle:
Well, that's enough for this round of bloggery, methinks. More stuff to come, hopefully with news of Dead Duck's newly gained publishing status. Take care in the meantime, my beloved friends, fans and family. And as always, thanks for sticking with me all this time. You make it all worthwhile.
Much love,

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I'm still working on new Dead Duck material, and the new publisher hunt is still afoot. But in the meanwhile, some of you may be saying, "I've read Dead Duck, and now I'm jonesing for another Jay Fosgitt graphic novel fix!" Y'know, because everyone still says jonesing these days. Well jones no more. I've got the cure what for joneses you.

During production of Dead Duck, Ape Entertainment publishers David Hedgecock and Brent Erwin approached me about working on a new comic idea they were kicking around. Their pitch was such:

Three misfit aliens come to Earth to conquer it, and consequently discover a world of giants (the aliens are only three inches tall compared to us).

They called their concept "Little Green Men". They showed me some preliminary art, drawn by a staff artist at Ape, to use as a launch point for the aliens' designs. And they gave me the aliens' names: Lartee, Gerlex and Moke, named after three classic movie comedians (and if you don't know who I'm talking about, you too must be new to this planet).

Beyond that, I was given free reign to develop the concept myself. I re-designed the characters, loosely based off the previous artists' design. I came up with their home world (the planet Blarf), their ship (The Nuknuk 4000), and everything else that fell on the comic page. And I've been the sole writer and artist of Little Green Men for over a year now.

The comic has thus far appeared on (which you can still view there). And in August, Ape Entertainment will be releasing the first Little Green Men graphic novel, comprised of all my LGM comics thus far. You can pre-order the book NOW through the June edition of Previews. Otherwise, you can pre-order the book through most standard bookstores by giving them this order code: ISBN #: 978-1-936340-11-8

So if you can't wait until the next Dead Duck book comes around (and I know I can't!), then in the meantime, Little Green Men should satisfy your Jay tooth (trust me, everybody has one. Go ask your dentist).

Much love,


Monday, May 17, 2010


Friends, I am well versed in The Motor City Comic Con. I was one of its original visitors when it first opened its doors in 1989 at a convention center in Dearborn, MI. I followed the con when it eventually moved to the Novi Convention Center, then to The Rock Financial Showplace. I've met many famous people, made many great friends and had many great experiences. But the experience I had at this year's MoCon, my first behind a table and selling my wares, was the topper to beat 'em all.

Having already broke myself in my working a table at Wizard World Chicago last August, and by walking the floor and networking at C2E2 this past April, I felt ready to man my booth at Motor City. I'm not a guy who comes ill-prepared. I knew I wanted my table to pop out from the rest, so I took measures to make sure it'd happen. And I knew there were specific people I wanted to meet, and I  made sure I was ready for that, too.

Sergio Aragones, Mad Magazine cartoonist and creator of the comic book Groo The Wanderer, was going to be in attendance at Motor City this year. I'd been a fan of his since childhood, and met him three years back when I was still creating my Dead Duck graphic novel and hadn't looked for a publisher yet. Sergio had given me such encouragement and such a warm, positive reception that when Dead Duck finally got published, I attributed it in part to his support and advice. So what you see above is an illustration I did this past week on the inside cover of one of my copies of Dead Duck. I drew this the night before Motor City opened its doors, and was very anxious to give him my book and my thanks.

Here's Sergio and myself. I made my way to his booth on the morning the con opened before the crowds came in. It was (and still is) such a thrill to see him with Dead Duck in his hand. He was very happy to get it, and told me I draw a terrific Groo (I blush just thinking about it). This was also an important moment for me because, in my excitement from meeting Sergio three years ago, I neglected to take a photo with him back then! Thank my good fortune for second chances!

Here's the first photo I took of my table set up that first morning. It's kind of dim because I got there three hours early to set up (I'm such a spaz) and they hadn't turned all the lights on yet. Funny story: I had mistakenly set up my table in its entirety in the wrong spot, and didn't find out until the actual occupant showed up. The people setting up next to me were kind enough to help me tear down and haul all my stuff clear across the con floor to the area you see above. I really had to strain to not freak out and get mad at myself. Yeesh.

 That Friday was actually a little slow for me. People came up, and a sold a few copies of Dead Duck, but I didn't get to draw as much as I would have liked. Then, this guy comes up to me with a sheet of illustration board and asks me if I'd contribute a sketch. He was having all the artist's in my row draw the Marvel Comics' character Deadpool. I was more than happy to contribute, especially in the company of other awesome artists (and friends) like Jeremy Bastian, David Petersen, Stan Sakai, Eric Lynch and Katie Cook. In case you can't tell, my drawing is in the second row on the right. I drew Deadpool shooting pool. I know, I know. My puns will be the end of me.

I was actually very fortunate to be seated with almost all my closest artist pals. At the beginning of my row was Jeremy Bastian and his fiancee Emily, then Katie Cook and her husband Ryan, myself and Laura, then Eric Lynch, and then David and Julia Petersen. In the row behind and to the right of me was my friend Chad Porter and his wife Sarah. And next to them was Andy Price and his wife Alice, who I just met at C2E2 last month. So I was in a very great community of artist friends. But like I said, I was just ALMOST seated next to all my pals...
 This is comic book artist Guy Davis and his fiancee Rosemary, who were situated on the opposite end of the con floor from me. Guy works in the Hellboy comics on the series B.P.R.D. (or Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, if you detest abbreviations). I'd first met Guy and Rosemary at a signing guy did at Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor last November. We didn't get to talk much at the time, but by the time were were seated next to each other at The MSU Comics Forum a few months ago, it felt like we were old pals! I absolutely love Guy's artwork, and he and Rosemary are two of the nicest people I've ever met, inside or outside the comics industry. At Motor City, I also noticed he had an affinity for the old Dick Tracy villains (as do I!), and a great talent for rendering them in his incredible style. Hopefully Guy and I will be trading Dick Tracy-themed sketches sometime down the road!

Another one of my professional heroes, Stan Sakai, was also in attendance. Stan is the creator of the comic book Usagi Yojimbo, a brilliant book about a samurai rabbit. I wanted to draw Stan something to show my appreciation for his work, and came up with the drawing above. The gag is based on probably the funniest Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck sketch ever. Stan really seemed to enjoy the piece, and I certainly enjoyed creating it for him!
This was a special project for me. A very nice guy came up and saw Dead Duck for the first time. Like me, he was a big proponent of cartoon ducks (mice are waaayyyy overrated), so he was excited to purchase my book. He also pulled out this awesome board filled with cartoon ducks drawn by various illustrators of cartoon ducks and asked me to contribute. Given the line up of recognizable talent that was on there (as well as the theme), there was no way I'd decline! So I drew Dead Duck next to Mark Bode drawing (Mark's dad Vaughn is one of my biggest creative influences). I'm so proud of some of the cool and unexpected places Dead Duck is turning up these days!
This was another cool opportunity I had to be part of a group drawing. The Deadpool fella came back the next day with this sheet, and a list of themes we could choose to draw from. With Muppets in the list, it was inevitable that I'd choose them as my subject. That's my Fozzie Bear above Katie Cook's bicycling Kermit!
This was yet another tribute I drew for a cartoonist I admired. Don Rosa, who's drawn the Scrooge McDuck comics for the better part of the last twenty years, had a booth at Motor City. His book, "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", while thematically far removed from Dead Duck, still served as an inspiring duck-themed read while I was working on Dead Duck back in 2007. Don also seemed to enjoy this piece, and I was thrilled to give it to him.

Laura came later to the con on Saturday afternoon so she could join me and my pals at our monthly Ink and Stein gathering. It's a meeting place for Michigan cartoonists where we typically gather in Ypsilanti for some drawing and socializing. This month we held it at the Doubletree Hotel in Novi, since it was the official con hotel. Surprisingly, half our normal attendees didn't make it--either due to other obligations or because we weren't able to nail down a location in the hotel until it was too late to give specific directions to anyone. However, those who did make it had a great time, and that certainly counts for me by half!
This pic was taken the morning after Ink and Stein. To my left is Gappo the Clown creator (and Ink and Stein regular) Tony Miello. To my right is Jay Jacot, publisher and ed-in-chief of Comics Obscura, and the man who put together the MSU Comics Forum I participated in a few months back. Jay also joined us for Ink and Stein, and participated in all the bawdy and naughty cartoon shenanigans we threw together that evening. Amongst the weirdest: I came up with the idea of us drawing zombies pooping (no, Zombie Chick did not figure into this). I had the idea of a zombie pooping out his brain, with the brain stem still trailing up his bum. Disgusting, I know. But inspired! The guys really ran with the theme and did some brilliantly stomach-churning pieces!
These three awesome costumes caught Laura's attention, so she snapped a pic of them. From left to right, Watchmen's Rorschach, Deadpool (with a paper mustache that someone was passing out to folks that weekend) and Watchmen's Silk Spectre.
This fine fellow is Adam Talley, an old pal of mine from college, as well as the creator of the comics Pleasant Life (formerly Pleasant Hymns) and the recent Anna Pocolypse. Adam helped publish my first comics work in the comic anthology Spasm, which was funded and released through Central Michigan University back in 2003. Adam also joined us at Ink and Stein, and was a demented and doodling as the best of us!
  Here's a pic of me at my table. Behind me you can see the seemingly creepy yet actually friendly-as-all-get out Ryan Wilcox. We actually took a second pic without Ryan in the pic, but I felt this piece looked far cooler with him in it!
Amongst the various comics and drawings I offered at my table, I also drew sketch cards. Because Sunday, May 16th marked the 20th anniversary of Jim Henson's passing, all the cards I drew were Muppet-themed. As I drew Jim's personal character, the Swedish Chef, I came to realize how much chef resembled Jeremy Bastian. A photo was required to commemorate the eerie similarity, which I took care of without delay!
Here's a cool pic of a Star Wars procession that marched past our row of tables.
This was a very cool commission I drew for a fan named Dave. Dave has commissioned me a lot in the past few years, and was the guy who hired me to draw my Zombie Chick hula dancer that I've featured recently. This represents Zombie Chick in a devil girl outfit. Zombie Chick is typically scatterbrained about whatever she's involved with, so she'd probably thinking here, "I must be the greek sea god Triton because I have a trident. But I also have horns. Maybe King Triton is horny for trident. I like gum. Gum doesn't make me horny. But I think Willy Wonka uses it for birth control. Oompa loompa doopity damn."

I had Laura take this last pic of me, hunkered down behind my Dead Duck DIE-orama and my stash of books. I dig this pic muchly, and will probably use it for my Facebook icon.

So as you can see, Motor City was a blast, and we ended it with a very nice dinner with a great bunch of friends and fellow artists. I've never had a con experience like this, and it would be a tough act to follow. I had at least one experience with a fan and his family that was so touching that it made me teary eyed (I get misty just thinking of it now). I just want to thank everyone associated with Motor City, Laura, the fans, and all my fellow comic artists who helped me make this such an incredible experience.

So much love, people.