Monday, October 04, 2010


Hey kids! I'm back with some dates for you to remember...

Saturday, October 16th, noon to 5 pm.
I'll have issues of LGM to sell, as well as original artwork and prints. For directions and other info, you can visit Wonderworld's website HERE. 
NOTE: LGM is an all-ages book, so this event is appropriate for anyone. That said, anyone who has a copy of my first graphic novel, "Dead Duck" (not even kinda all ages appropriate) and wants to get it autographed should bring it to this signing, and I'll be happy to oblige!

Saturday, Oct. 30th and 31st 
A brand new comic con in Dearborn, Michigan! Get all the info you need about it HERE! I'll have a table there, and will have some con exclusive items for sale, such as:
--Copies of Dead Duck!  I've got a new shipment coming in just in time for this con. As always, I'll sign copies, and will include an original sketch on the inside cover!
--My very first sketchbook! I've scavenged my recent sketchbooks, loose doodles and some of my favorite previously unseen work and compiled it all in "THE JAY P. FOSGITT SKETCHBOOK 1". It will be in a standard comic book format, 32 pages in length, and will have space on the front cover for a sketch! You can view my sketchbook's cover below...
And how about that adorable bunny trying to seal a mint condition copy of Action Comics #1? But this sketchbook, and I'll draw a caricature of you behind him as his hostage!

And hopefully you'll notice my new logo in the upper left corner of the cover...
This is the logo I plan on using for all my self published creations from now on! Not a bad name for my publishing outfit, huh?

For Fanfare, I'll also be accepting commissions, selling original art and prints! So lots of good stuff will be found at my table! Just look for the Dead Duck banner and I'll be there!

UPDATE 10/04/10: I totally forgot to mention that, at Detroit Fanfare, I'll be doing a panel discussion with syndicated cartoonists and my fellow National Cartoonist Society Members, Dave Coverly ("Speedbump") and Jef Mallett ("Frazz"), and Detroit Freepress editorial cartoonist Mike Thompson! That should be incentive enough to attend!

If you have any questions about either of these events, click on the links I provided for more info, or contact me at: Hope to see you guys soon!



MoonDarter said...


Sorry, had to get that out of my head. Also, it's The Detroit Free Press, not Detroit Freepress. Although they do refer to it as The Freep. Confusing, no?

Will your sketchbook be available by mail? I could pay for one when I commission you. (Real soon now. Honest!)

-MoonDarter in another life

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