Monday, February 13, 2006

CMLife Beats The Saginaw News To The Big Scoop!!

Fellow Delta College alum and recent CMU student reporter Rachel Lodewyk wrote one of the best stories about me ever, and it appears in today's edition of CMLife. If you want to see it, either go to or click the following link:

She hit every point about me and the Yenny comic book without misquoting me once. I'm very thrilled about how it turned out and want to express my appreciation to her for writing the piece, Dave Alvarez for giving her a really nice quote, Terry Rock (Delta College PR Director) for being interviewed for it, CMLife for agreeing to carry the story, and my friend, old Collegiate editor and journalism wunderkind Justin Engel for giving what was possibly the best quote about me EVER in ANY news story, which I'm reprinting here for your enjoyment:

"I saw Jay's work as very daring, in-your-face and bordering on getting me fired for letting it publish. But his humor grows on you and his drawing abilities are undeniable...He does things most cartoonists don't dare to do. He's not afraid to voice his opinion through his comics, no matter who it might offend."

Given the current situation with Muslim opposition to the Dutch cartoonists' editorial depiction of their beliefs, I take Justin's comment as the highest praise, and I'm truly honored.

I would also like to remind people about the radio interview to be featured on 91.5 FM tonight between 6-6:30. If you want to listen to it on your computer, here's another link to do so:

And possibly, not definitely but possibly, my OTHER article will run in the pages of The Saginaw News sometime this week, maybe even today, so keep an eye open for that, too!

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melissa grunow said...

Look at you! Getting all kinds of promotions and stuff from all kinds of media. I'm so proud!