Thursday, February 09, 2006

Extry? Anyone? Somebody? Mom...?

Okay, the most recent news on the cartooning grapevine (the grapevine in this case being my friend and reporter Jessica Soule who covered the story) is that the Saginaw News piece being written about me will run in this Sunday's edition (2/12/06 for you number junkies out there). Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but to be fair, this has been a pretty big newsweek both nationally and statewide, so I can understand the story getting bumped back.

Also, another friend and journalist, Justin Engel, has set another reporter on my tail to cover the story about me doing the Yenny backup story in issue four. This story will run in the pages of Central Michigan Life (my old college paper that I worked on), and I should know when it will be released by this afternoon.

On another topic, I completed my mural at Swan Valley Middle School last Thursday. Seven hours on a ladder is murder on your back and feet, but it was worth it. I'm happier with this mural than I've probably EVER been with a mural (I'm a harsh critic to be sure), but more importantly, the school kids and faculty seemed to like it. It's nice to think I'll have a legacy at my old school and that I won't just fade into obscurity.

Lastly, I will be drawing caricatures this Friday night at the very exclusive Saginaw Club. The event declares itself to be a kid's party, which is generally what I'm best at handling. But the club's members tend to be very well to do business people, so I'm a little intimidated. The last really posh gig I worked was this past summer in Bloomfield Hills, and I felt like a hobo at cotillion. Still, the money's green, the blood is blue, and I walk out a little red faced, but it's almost always a unique experience.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha...hobo at a cotillion...ohhhh fozzy.

hugs and kisses (full of rage)