Monday, April 17, 2006

Upcoming Caricature Gigs and other news

This Wednesday (April 19th to be precise) I'll be drawing caricatures at Northwood University here in Midland. It's rare that I have art jobs within close driving distance, and this one is about as close as I could ever hope for. It's always nice when I don't have to take a loss on how much gas I'll be burning on the drive over, since it's only about five minutes from my apartment.

On April 29th I'll be drawing caricatures for Merrill High School's prom, which will be held at the Skyroom in Freeland, MI (just a mere twenty minute drive from my place. Sweet!). They're providing Laura and I with dinner, which rocks, and it's not going to run terribly late, which also rocks. Nothing sucks worse than a gig that gets out at three in the morning and having a two hour drive home ahead of you.

The past couple weeks have seen a bit of an artistic phenomenon in my little world. I post a lot of my work on, an online art gallery. And one of my pieces, titled "The Last Happy Meal" and featuring the McDonaldland characters reinacting The Last Supper, has been chosen as a standout piece by the website's administrators. In less than two days the cartoon got over 3,000 hits, and positive comments came by the bushel. Only one negative comment stood out, but that one quickly got overwhelmed by an onslaught of MORE positive feedback. This was definitely my most well received work to date, which I'm posting here now.

So that's about it at this point. Stay tuned for future updates and more cartooning news than you can shake a stick at. Jeez, shake a stick at. What the hell does that mean, anyway?

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Melissa Grunow said...

Congratulations on both your gigs and the success of "The Last Happy Meal" (which I happen to love and also posted a comment on myspace about it).

I couldn't be happier for you!