Tuesday, March 29, 2011


...so you may as well show up without any pants on and speed up the process!

On my Live Sketch show this week, the theme is CLASSIC MOVIE MONSTERS! I've already got a few awesome suggestions on which monsters to draw, and I'm asking for more ideas before tomorrow night! Anyone who wants to contribute can e-mail me at: fourpanelhero@hotmail.com. Once I get ten monsters, those will be the creepy characters I'll sketch live on my show! I'm shooting for the less obvious and slightly more obscure with these subjects (Universal's big three monsters are okay, but Hammer's stockpile of horrors are much more fun to draw!). And if I have any time towards the end, I'll try to squeeze in some last minute suggestions!

Even though I'm taking advanced suggestions for this week's show, you're still invited to contact me during the show via Ustream's chat window. You need to log in to Ustream to use the window, but registering is easy. It only takes a username and an email address. Once you've entered that info, you can chat with me and suggest stuff for me to draw. Just like last week, I'll have loads of useless trivia and my own brand of quirky humor to inject (or infect) into each sketch I create! I MAY even try to slip in some suggestions during the show if time allows!

So catch Jay P. Fosgitt's Live Sketch Show this (and every) Wednesday at 8 pm eastern time at THIS LINK. Hope to see you there!


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