Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Okay, I know Dead Duck is coming out November 25th, 2009, so November should be the month of the duck--and it WILL be, come November. But this is NOW, and now is September, and September is when I need YOU people to order Dead Duck through Previews as if your lives were at stake!

Y'see, the more Dead Duck orders my publisher, Ape Entertainment, gets through Previews--which is the premiere comic book catalog where so many careers are made and broken--the bigger a hit Dead Duck will be, which besides meaning I'll make a few bucks, also ups the odds for a follow-up Dead Duck book in the years to come. It's all numbers, columns and sales jargon, but just know that BIG sales through Previews in the month of September equals a bright future for me and Dead Duck. As I mentioned last blog, the September issue of Previews just went on sale last Wednesday, so now is the time to get your hands on it and order, order, ORDER!!!

This is the order code for Dead Duck in Previews: sept090577. Write this down, head directly to your local comic shop, and give them this number. It's your golden ticket to the dark and dreamy candy land that is Dead Duck. When November 25th rolls around, you'll be able to return to your comic retailer and finally hold my life's work in your hands. Groovy, no?

Now I'm gonna get a bit political with you guys for a minute. Folks, I am enlisting you all to help me spread the word about Dead Duck. Word of mouth is fine, but what will really help is if you post my new DEAD DUCK DIGITAL READER on your blog, website, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other place you can stick it where it'll be seen. Now wait, you say. What's the Dead Duck Digital Reader? Glad you asked, says I. The Dead Duck Digital Reader is essentially a digital comic book, comprised of all the Dead Duck comics I've run online thus far. You'll get to see the graphic novel's cover, the previously unseen credits page art, a handful of Dead Duck adventures, and most importantly, on the last page there is a coupon with the Previews order code on it. You print it out, fill in your info, and turn it into your local comic retailer, simple as that. But it's imperative that you do it THIS MONTH! I have the codes for posting in basic HTML, BLOGGER, OKURT, MYSPACE, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, TYPEPAD and LIVE JOURNAL, so if anyone wants to post the Dead Duck Digital Reader on their sites, please contact me at fourpanelhero@hotmail.com and I'll send you the code to do so. In the meantime, here it is on my own blog:

If you do post the Dead Duck Digital Reader anywhere (and know my gratitude shall be vast and boundless), please let me know that you're running the Dead Duck Digital Reader so I can let others know where they can see it. We're talking a potential Dead Duck revolution here, people, and you can just call me Jay Guevara. Don't cry for me, Argentina, just order the holy hell out of Dead Duck, and spread the word like crabs through a brothel!

Now, I'd be remiss not to mention that there WILL be other places to order Dead Duck after September. But it will be a few months after September, and you'll miss the chance to contribute to the opening gate sales explosion that I hope September will provide. That said, in late December, Dead Duck will be available to order through Amazon.com and directly off the Ape website. More info about that when it's available. But for now, just concentrate on buying in September.

And just so you know, Dead Duck is already off to a very good start. To begin:

--Adam Talley, creator of the comic book "Pleasant Hymns", interviewed me last week on his Idiothead.com podcast. We talked extensively about Dead Duck and what's to come upon his release. You can listen to it by clicking on THIS LINK. Scroll down to Episode 9: Interview Jay Fosgitt and click "Listen". It's free, and if you want, you can download it to your ipod. Neat, eh?

--I was recently interviewed on ComicMonsters.com, the premiere website for horror comics. They asked me some very cool questions about Dead Duck, and you can read the full interview HERE. They also did a behind the scenes bit with me where I show the creative process in producing a Dead Duck story, which you can read HERE.

--And lastly and coolestly (Yeah, bad grammar. What of it!?), Previews itself recently made mention of Dead Duck in the "Certified Cool" section of its website. Basically, Previews picks just a handful of upcoming comics that they think are really cool and interesting, a they highlight them in this section. Needless to say, I'm totally honored to have Dead Duck mentioned there. You can check that out HERE.

--And just a wee most lastly than the last lastly, not sure if I've ever mentioned this before or not, but I'm a proud, card-carrying member of The National Cartoonists Society, the top brotherhood of professional cartoonists in the U.S. . I joined up a year ago last September, and it's been a very special feather in my cap as a professional cartoonist. Anyway, the NCS website recently updated its member list, and I'm finally featured in it! You can view my bio by clicking HERE. And yes, I realize there's a typo in my last name in the members' list. It's being corrected as we speak. More importantly, it's all spelled correctly in the bio itself. My NCS membership is pertinent to Dead Duck's success because Dead Duck marks my becoming a full-time, professional cartoonist, one of the key requirements for membership. Next year I intend to enter Dead Duck into the NCS awards' comic book category, and who knows? My life's work has brought me this far...

So that's that for now, kids. September is going to be busy as bee shit for me. I have to call retailers and beg them to buy Dead Duck, called media folks and beg them to favorably review Dead Duck, and try not to go broke from my ungodly phone bill when all's said and done. So if you can please do your part by spreading the word, ordering Dead Duck and posting my Dead Duck Digital Reader anywhere and everywhere you have access to, you'll have my love and affection (which you've all got already, but you'll have even MORE).

Guaranteed I'll be back with more news within the week. It's all happening faster than I can report it.

Watch the skies!


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Jeremy said...

you're in good company in PREVIEWS' CERTIFIED COOL section. DEATHLOK #1 is also listed, penned by my favorite living author, charlie huston! raising the bar, mr. fozzy...

ps - ordering my copies tomorrow. double dig.