Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just a quick Dead Duck update for the abundantly curious! The past two weeks have found me sending out press releases to all sorts of media outlets, and the first big payoff for my efforts appeared on Monday. My pal Dave Coverly (whose studio I plan to win off him in a cut throat game of rock paper scissors) pointed this out to me, and it was quite a thrill to see. Click HERE to read it.

That whole piece is verbatim what me and my lawyer/PR guy/bud for life Nick "Pro Bono" Buonodono wrote for the press release. I'm actually pleased this website chose to run it "as is" rather than paraphrasing it or editing it down for space, because Nick did a brilliant job putting it all together.

I'm also booking my first Dead Duck signing as we speak. Vault of Midnight comics in Ann Arbor, two stories of pulpy, toy-infested brilliance, will house my grand unveiling on December 2nd, a week after the book comes out. I'm creating a brand new poster for the advertising, and it's looking all kinds of bad ass. More news on this and other signings very soon.

So evidently my cat Goonie has learned that batting her pink plastic ball against my studio door is too subtle a tactic for getting me to come out and play, so she's stepped it up to hurling her small fuzzy body against the door until it opens, just so I get the hint. So I better split, but more news is coming faster than I can type it!

Much love,



ebd said...

How are the pre-orders doing?

Carla said...

I hope we can order a signed copy, even if we can't be at the signing!

Miss you two muchly!