Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've heard from more than a few folks who are unclear as to how to order Dead Duck through Previews. Believe me, I sympathize. I haven't used Previews in about twenty years, so I'm no expert. But I want to make this process as easy as possible for you people who don't regularly buy comics. Just follow the process below and you should be in good shape.

1. Here is the Previews order code for DEAD DUCK: SEPT090577. It's important that you place your order sometime in the month of September if you want to order it through Previews and have it in late November when it's released.

2. If you don't already know where your local comic retailer is located:
(For the non-Internet users) just go to the phonebook and comic book shops should be listed in the yellow pages.
(For Internet users) Go to Google, type in: Comic book shops+your hometown and state. That should give you a good listing of comic shops in your area, with phone numbers, directions and even hours of operation sometimes.

3. Tell your retailer you'd like to order the DEAD DUCK graphic novel by Jay Fosgitt in September's Previews. Then give them the order code. You could tell them that it's published by Ape Entertainment, but the code should be more than enough information.

4. From what I recall, most retailers only make you pay when the book arrives in their store. But if they require you to pay in advance, the book is only $12.95, and you can use your credit card.

5. The book comes out November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving (sorry in advance for making that week more complicated for you). I'd call ahead to your local comic shop just to make sure the book arrived on time. Once they give the okay, go get it. Simple as that!

I hope no one takes offense at this simple tutorial. You should know that I'm a slow learner, and specific directions like this help me a lot. I hope they help you. I'm still here if anyone has any questions in the meantime.

On a final note, I just heard from a fan that they managed to order Dead Duck for themselves and are having it sent to their hometown in South Africa! How neat is that?!

Much love,



Jeremy said...

i'm expecting five hot and steamy copies up in minnewhosits...though i kind of had to walk my local comic store through the process. better be worth it, nerdlinger!

Hedgecock said...

For those who don't want to go to the hassle of finding a comic shoppe, you can always pre-order from Amazon.

R. said...

I'm SO going to order it through Coy's. I'll be home for T'giving. The Detroit Lions may disappoint me that day, but Coy's never let me down.