Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Lots of neat stuff has been happening since my last update two weeks ago, so let's get down to it!


If you wanted to order Dead Duck through Previews but just couldn't drag yourself down to your local comic shop, let alone to your nearest telephone, then I'm sorry, but that ship has sailed. September's making way for October, and October's Previews won't include orders for Dead Duck.

HOWEVER, all is not lost! Anyone who still wants to order Dead Duck can do so in a number of other ways (NOTE: Copies ordered anywhere other than Previews will be shipped in December):

*Call your local bookstore--Dead Duck is available to order through ANY bookstore. Just tell em: Dead Duck, graphic novel, by Jay Fosgitt, published by Ape Entertainment. If that doesn't kick 'em in the pants, then give them the ISBN numbers:
ISBN-10: 1934944726
ISBN-13: 978-1934944721
Don't ask me what one means versus the other. All I know is, this is all any bookstore should need to order Dead Duck.

*Order it directly from Ape Entertainment--You can click on THIS LINK to make it happen!

*Order it off Amazon.com--Click on THIS LINK to hook yourself up!

So now you have no excuse! Order Dead Duck like your life depends on it! And given Dead Duck's profession, it just might!


---I'd previously mentioned that VAULT OF MIDNIGHT, a comic shop here in Ann Arbor, MI, would house my grand unveiling of Dead Duck. However, the two other signings I've lined up wound up being scheduled just before the Vault signing, making Vault the third stop of my Dead Duck signing jag. Now, that does not diminish the importance of my Vault signing at all. Prior to the actual book signing and exclusive ONLY to the Vault appearance, I'll be giving a Power Point presentation to introduce myself and Dead Duck to those in attendance, followed by a Q&A session. So if you can make the Vault signing, it's gonna be something special and not to be missed!

It all goes down on Dec. 2nd from 5-8 pm. You can view the promo and read my bio on Vault's website HERE (just scroll down until you see the Dead Duck listing. Trust me, it's hard to miss). And you can visit the SIGNINGS AND APPEARANCES section of my blog for directions to Vault by clicking HERE. And for those who just hate clicking, you can view the promo poster for my Vault appearance below.

---Now, though Vault will be quite a spectacle itself, I have another signing that I'm extremely excited for. It's kind of a homecoming for me, and it's a dream come true to be able to bring my recent success back to the place that first put me on its path.

On Nov. 30th, I'll be appearing at my alma mater, Delta College in Bay City, MI, to sign copies of Dead Duck from 11 am-1 pm. And here's why that is so important…

For those who don't know, I attended Delta College from 1994-2001. In my second year, my English professor, Joan Ramm, caught me drawing cartoons in the back of her class one day. Rather than scold me, Joan took note of my art and brought me aboard Delta's school paper, The Delta Collegiate, where she was faculty advisor. I wound up working on the Collegiate for my remaining years at Delta ('95-'01), where I was the resident cartoonist, arts and entertainment editor, and co-editor in chief in my final year. During this time, I made the best friends of my entire life, people whom I'm still close to today. I won awards, had incredible life experiences, and became the person I am today, all because of Delta College, the Delta Collegiate and Joan Ramm. So it's with great pride and appreciation that I'll be talking to Joan Ramm's Mass Media class (one of the three classes I took with Joan) prior to my book signing. Delta was the best home away from home I'd ever experienced, and I cannot wait to return.

In don't know where I'll be located on Delta's campus just yet, but I'll make it known very soon. In the meantime, anyone in the area, particularly any of my old Collegiate crew who can make it, are encouraged to come to my signing. As a point of interest, you'll find several old Collegiate members making appearances in the pages of Dead Duck, further proof of Delta's wonderful and continual influence.

---My third signing is actually going to be my first. But since we're still in the planning stages and there's not much info to give, I figured I'd mention the more concrete dates first. It will be at Coy's Comics in Saginaw, MI, tentatively scheduled for November 27th--Black Friday, to holiday shoppers. Coy's was my childhood comic shop, so it means a lot to me to do a signing there. Once we've locked down the facts, I'll be back with more info.


I have the best friends in the world, really.

---My friend/lawyer and promotional consultant Nick "Pro Bono" Buonodono helped me craft the awesome Dead Duck press release I showed you a few weeks back. Nick's also helping me put together the Power Point presentation for the Vault showing, and will be attending the Delta appearance with me as well.

---My friend and past CMLife A&E Editor Shaun Manley recently offered to post Dead Duck promotional posters around Saginaw Valley State University where he currently studies (I spent two semesters there in 1993 when I was fresh out of high school). Here's a snap shot my pseudo-sister Emily Schulz (another SVSU attendee) took of one of the posters on campus.

---Another friend of mine, Kyle Latino, was cool enough to promote Dead Duck on a recent blog of his, which you can check out HERE.

---My old high school pal Beth Gast has a blog as well, and wrote a very cool assessment of Dead Duck in a recent post, which you can view HERE.

---My friends and fellow cartoonists David Petersen (Mouseguard) and Katie Cook (Star Wars trading card artist) have been kind enough to promote Dead Duck on their own websites, and recently drew their own renditions of my characters, which you can view below.

And I'm happy and fortunate to announce that it's not just my friends who are giving favorable appraisals of Dead Duck. I found this short but very nice evaluation of Dead Duck on a recent comic blog, which you can read HERE.

And lastly, I've recently discovered that Dead Duck is gradually being absorbed into the collective consciousness of television stars….

Zombie Chick sported the look first, but I dare you to tell me "Gossip Girl's" Taylor Momsen wasn't somehow channeling the fashion sense of Dead Duck's cute and stitchy sidekick!

More news to come, my friends! Oh so much more…

Tons o' hugs,



SoloTotoCoyote said...

Poopie!!! Missed the preorder. Guess I better get it ordered now.

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