Thursday, October 31, 2013


To commemorate my favorite month (October) and my favorite holiday (Halloween), I'm doing a monster sketch per day.

Behold, my final monster sketch of October, a first in that it's a two-for-one on monsters, and it's full color--hey, it's Halloween, the best holiday under the pumpkin sun. Gotta do it up right! The creep with the spade is Burlap Bill--and brother, does he not like folks in his pumpkin patch, as Bodie's gonna find out! This is a sneak peek into a larger "Bodie" story that'll be featured in Red 5's Free Comic Book Day issue in May--my little treat for you loyal "Bodie" fans. Happiest of Halloweens to you, my goblin crew, and thanks for following my sketches all October long!    

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Andrew Mortimer said...

Well done Jay and happy Halloween to you!