Thursday, October 10, 2013


To commemorate my favorite month (October) and my favorite holiday (Halloween), I'm doing a monster sketch per day.

This is the mutant bear from the 1979 horror movie "Prophecy". The movie had an ecological theme to it, as the bear was created by water pollution from a paper mill in the woods. I personally think of this as a perfect monster movie, as it has three key elements--a genuinely scary monster (like bears weren't scary enough, this movie found a way to make them even scarier), a genuinely scary location (screw haunted houses--NOTHING is scarier than the woods at night), and some outrageous horror movie violence that ran the gamut from shocking to hilarious. The classic scene of the mutant bear swatting a kid in a sleeping bag into a tree and having the bag explode into a cloud of feathers is horror movie gold. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Loving your daily post for October. Love the classic monster design of Creature from Black Lagoon & your werewolf. Even enjoyed the kiddie version of Bride of Frankenstein- though I have to admit I thought it was a creepy (but cute) little girl monster or girl doll ala Gender bender of Chucky; loved the visual of this piece even before I read that It was Frankie's bride- love your backstory of this character even better.

Plus you are taking me down memory lane with Critter & the bear from Prophecy. Can't wait to see the rest of the month! (Now I will be visiting daily to see the latest upload; just when I thought you was getting too busy with your publishing work and thought you was neglecting this blog- but it's always worth the wait for your new update. Sorry I doubted you. Thanks you very much for all the Oct. pieces and your tidbits too.