Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Show, Bodie news, and Dead Duck, too

No Live Sketch Show this week, folks. My week has been filled with catching up on assignments, commissions, another major car repair and battling the combined demons of the U.S. postal service and Western Union, who, in turn, managed to lose my payment for one of the biggest comic conventions I'd had planned this season, and are making me jump through hoops to cancel that lost money order and get a full refund (long story short, I sent a NEW payment to the con May the Postal demons cut me a break this time). So I've neither the time nor temperament to put on a show right now. Rest assured, if I did a show this week, it would be filled with a lot of swearing and little fun, if any.

In other news...


Each day it seems that I believe I've completed issue #1, just to find out a need to reformat something or make a change here or there. This has all been brought on by myself and my artistic obsessive compulsion, not at all by my publishers at Red 5, who have been nothing but helpful. All that said, I do believe that issue #1 is finally done, and should be uploaded to Red 5's server before the end of this week.

All week I've been receiving rough sketches, semi-finished pieces, and totally finished pieces from my artist allies, who are providing pin-ups of my Bodie Troll characters. These drawings will be special features in the backs of the issues, and the three I have lined up for issue #1 are spectacular. Renowned cartoonist Rick Geary has graced my comic with a wonderful rendition of Bodie. And my equally talented cartooning colleagues, James Anderson and Justin Castaneda have each provided pieces that took my breath away--to the degree that if I look at them at the same time, I risk suffocation. I suggest you have an oxygen tank handy when you finally read this comic, for the combined brilliance of these three may turn your lungs inside out.

And issue #2 is well underway now, with a very fun script and two fully illustrated pages completed. In this issue, we'll see a new side of Bodie--MANY new sides of Bodie, in fact, and get a brief glimpse at what makes Cholly tick.


My web comic continues to unravel my most favorite episode, "A Minion of Death Takes a Holiday". If you aren't already, follow along at the link above, and be sure to take in all the trivia beneath each post. It's the most I've ever written for a comic, and I've got a lot to say on this one.

That about does it for this week. Thanks for checking in, and I look forward to sharing more news with you all soon!


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