Wednesday, February 06, 2013


After a brief break from blogging, I'm back with the news I've wanted to share with everyone for quite awhile now...

 The first issue of my new all-ages comic, "Bodie Troll" (published by Red 5 Comics), is finally available for pre-order through your neighborhood comic shop! The actual release date is April 17th, but you either need to order now to assure there's a copy waiting for you, or better yet, pester your local comic retailer to order piles of copies for their store. Check out this link for the order code (  FEB131119 for those who hate checking out links), take the code to any comic shop, and order the heck out of "Bodie Troll" #1!  

Also, any of you out there who own comic shops and would like to book me for a signing at your store, contact me at and we'll make it happen!

I'll leave you now with the faith that you'll all grab that code I gave you and skiddaddle off to your local comic shop to order my comic. But before you go, allow me to whet your appetite for what's to come, with a peek at the rough pencils for the cover of issue #2...


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Tim Fuller said...

Thanks for the link, Jay. I've been talking up Bodie Troll for weeks now at my local shop and got them interested. It's just the type of book they like to carry. Plus I ordered several to give as gifts to friends who don't make it to the shops often. I'm really looking forward to it.