Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Work has been bountiful, but it's left me busy as all get out. As such, there will be no Live Sketch Show this week. I hope to bring it back next Wednesday, and hope to piece together an audience from the few folks  who'll either be near a computer as they prepare for Thanksgiving, or those who live in other parts of the world and don't celebrate. I'd like to think my show is a good alternative to Turkey consumption.

I can report that Red 5's very popular Eisner Award-nominated comic book, "Atomic Robo", will release its next issue in December--and will include an ad for the 2013 release of "Bodie Troll". As this will be the first time that Red 5 has made its plans to publish "Bodie" public, this is a big deal to me, in a "This [poop] just got real" sense. Not to mention that having "Bodie" promoted in a wildly popular book like "Atomic Robo" ain't the worse thing to happen. Quite the opposite, actually.

I can also report that I recently visited my friend and fellow artist Guy Davis, who showed me some sketches he worked up for his "Bodie Troll" pin-up. Not surprisingly, they were a real slice of fried gold. Guy is as skilled at cartoon art as he is illustrative, and I'm beyond thrilled to have him contribute art to "Bodie Troll". If you know Guy's work, then you should be excited, too.

I'll wrap this up by encouraging you folks to check out my "Dead Duck" web comic. The current posted episode is "A Tale of Udder Importance", which drops Dead Duck and Zombie Chick into the world of Norse mythology. At two pages, it's my shortest "Dead Duck" story yet. But like all my "Dead Duck" material, it's long on humor. Catch it at the link above.

'Til next week, friends--


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Dennis said...

I just ordered Old McMonster's Haunted Farm last week and it was shipped today, Now that I have an online supplier I can order Bodie and anything else I want when pre-orders become available I look forward to Bodie Troll more then a date with a Swimsuit model.