Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Let's kick this off like an old pair of sneakers...

  • The latest "Dead Duck" episode--"One Toy Soldier Rides Away", is into its second page, but there are seventeen more yet to unfold. It's a doozy of a tale (one of my favorites) filled with 80's nostalgia, pop culture references, and poop jokes, just the stuff you've come to expect from a "Dead Duck" story! Read it now and see what weirdness shakes out next!  
  •  I'm still hard at work on my latest book for Ape Entertainment, "Old McMonster's Haunted Farm". I'm 16 pages into it now, and my next task is to design the cover. Here's a sample page from the latest batch I created:
  • I'm about to begin drawing my first batch of Dreamworks Animation characters for the magazine Ape is putting out about them. Nothing to show yet, but just know that it's still happening, and I should have something to share in the coming weeks.
  •  I'm still pumping out my monthly cartoon--"Necronomicomics"--for Rue Morgue Magazine, and enjoying the hell out of it (for a horror movie magazine, that's pretty appropriate)! I'm told my latest cartoon, spoofing The Clive Barker movie "Nightbreed", was a big hit around the Rue Morgue offices in Toronto. Pick up issue #122 this May to see the sick silliness for yourself!
  • I just completed the first four pages of my "Bodie Troll" comic, and sent the pages off to my pal and fellow cartoonist, Evan Shaner. As I mentioned in my last post, the ever-talented Evan is serving as my colorist for these first few pages, and I couldn't hope for a better collaborator! For now, you can see the final character designs for "Bodie Troll" below:

I'm working on two different sketch card sets right now--one for 5finity Productions on a set based on the work of my friend and fellow cartoonist Katie Cook, called "Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies", and another set for Rittenhouse Archives, which I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about. Suffice to say, it's another Marvel Comics-themed set, which suits me just fine. I love drawing Marvel's characters, I love working for Rittenhouse, and I love working for 5finity. So regardless of the time crunch, I'm very happy to be tried up with such great projects and companies!

I've had two exceptionally fun commissions land on my drawing board this past week. The first one was for a repeat client who asked me to draw his friend, her beloved dog, and her just-as-beloved Jeep. My initial  suggestion was to have the dog driving the Jeep. When I saw how small the dog was that I'd be drawing, it made it a much funnier piece than I'd previously expected--always a nice thing to have happen:
The second commission was for a lady who asked me to draw my rendition of The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (with the stipulation that I draw him as a her with blue hair and purple attire). I was also asked to throw in my interpretation of The Cheshire Cat going after The Dormouse. I decided to make this piece a real process, beginning with a very simple rough sketch to see how I might approach the drawing...

...followed by a tighter pencil drawing that nailed the characters and layout that I had in mind...
...followed by the inked version...
 and finished off with digital coloring...
This was a lot of fun to create, and it allowed me to experiment with color, digital layers, and, as a first, using a texture for the background. I really enjoyed taking my time with this process, though it was a luxury that my work schedule rarely affords. I hope to find more time for such experimentation in the future.

That's it for this post. have a great week, and keep checking back each Wednesday for a new update!


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Dennis said...

I am really looking forward to Bodie Troll I loved the old Cholley comics back in the day and look forward to seeing the characters in a fantasy setting