Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I've recently adopted a double-shift workday. During the day I work on projects for my publishers, and In the twilight hours I work on my own projects. I've managed to feign exhaustion for the time being, but it's bound to hit me hard when I least suspect it. So I'll type this blog out quickly before my body decides to shut down...

 I've talked about my latest comic creation on a few occasions, but that was when it was just some sketches and ideas jotted down. Now, almost a year after I first thought up Bodie and his world, I have a complete script, and I've started drawing the comic. Here's the premise:

"Bodie Troll" is an all-ages comic set in a fairytale world where Bodie, a bridge troll, tries to be a big, scary sentry on the bridge to Hagadorn. Problem is, he's too small, cute and fuzzy to have any effect on people, other than inspiring unwanted hugs and cuddles.

Part of the reason for the big push with Bodie is this year's San Diego Comic Con. As I've mentioned, I'll be in attendance for the first time, and "Bodie Troll" is a comic I want to shop around (I'll be pushing "Dead Duck" as well), so I'm making sure I have the first few pages as a sample to show publishers. That's still some months down the road, so before that happens, I want to give you guys a sneak preview. The following are the first three pages of "Bodie Troll" (click to embiggen)...
I hope you like what you saw. The rest of the story is a lot of fun, and I can't wait to draw some more!

 Just a reminder that I'm doing a fill-in strip for Denver Brubaker's "Tales of a Checkered Man" web comic on Tuesday April 10th. Just follow the link to check it out next week. "TOACM" is a funny, action packed strip, drawn in a 60's Hanna-Barbera cartoon style that blows my minds. Hopefully my take on the strip manages a little of the magic Denver instills in it!

I'm almost never asked to draw Tolkien characters, so when I was asked to draw Frodo Baggins, I jumped at the chance. The short height, big ears and big ears allow me to identity with Hobbits.

That does it for this week. If you haven't already, pick up a copy of Rue Morgue Magazine at your local bookstore to read my latest "Necronomicomics". And keep following my "Dead Duck" comic every Monday and Thursday! Have a Happy Easter, folks!


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Mark said...

"Aren't you gonna beg? Just a little? Couldn't hurt." Wonderful dialog to go with those adoring goat eyes! This looks like a LOT of fun indeed. Hope it goes well for you.