Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Wednesday is here, and with it comes your weekly shot of Jay Fosgitt news. Roll up your sleeve, this will only hurt for a second...

Free Comic Book Day is coming down the pipeline FAST, and I'm going to be in the middle of the tracks (visions of myself frantically untying Nell Fenwick from the tracks and Snidely Whiplash cursing my good name suddenly come to mind)! 
 On Saturday, May 5th, myself and two of my favorite cartooning comrades, Joe Foo and Jay Jacot, will be encamped at 21st Century Comics in East Lansing, MI, selling comics, drawing sketches, and reveling in our triad of nincompoopery (I've taken to referring to our little artist collective as The J-Spot). 21st Century is in my top three favorite comic shops (so as not to offend any of my shop owner pals, I'll only admit that one of the other two is The Beguiling in Toronto). I highly encourage anyone to show up, if not just to see us, then also to dig the fantastic selection of comics and graphic novels that 21st century has to offer. Hope to see you there!

I mentioned this back in February, but it more than bears repeating. I'm one of about 150 professional cartoonists who contributed to "TEAM CUL DE SAC", a book that celebrates the art and characters of cartoonist Richard Thompson. Richard draws the brilliantly funny, poignant and award winning comic strip, "Cul De Sac"
 In recent years, Richard was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Taking aim at the affliction the best way he could, Richard and Chris Sparks put together the Team Cul De Sac book, with the proceeds going towards a cure, along with proceeds from the auctioning off of the art produced by myself and my peers. The book will be on sale this June, and you can order your copy now at the Team Cul De Sac website. And you can find out how to participate in the art auction here. I encourage all my followers to buy a copy of the book, or multiples if you're so inclined. I'll personally guarantee that anyone who buys a copy and brings it to me at any convention or signing I'm doing, I'll gladly draw a sketch inside it for you. So waddaya waitin' fer? Order yours NOW!

Though I've backed off a bit from conventions this year--largely due to the multiple projects I'm juggling right now--I do have a couple appearances I'm managed to squeeze in between now and next fall. The most pressing one is The Summit City Con, held in Fort Wayne Indiana on May 12th. It'll be my second time going, and it's worth it alone for the great company of cartoonists that the con houses. Click on the link for further info. And be sure to visit my website, www.jayfosgitt.com, for the latest updates on my con appearances.

I'm heading into part 5 of "DEAD DUCK: One Toy Soldier Rides Away" this Thursday, and it's not to be missed. As I've mentioned, this story is a parody of the old He-Man line of action figures and the gawdawful TV cartoon based on it. So there's plenty of fun winks at 80's culture, and lots of the usual mad cap and macabre mayhem you've come to expect from Dead Duck and Zombie Chick. Be sure to follow the story at the link above, and bookmark the site to enjoy further "Dead Duck" comics!

My new Tumblr account has been a nice reprieve from wordy blogs and intricately polished artworks. What you get instead with "Unpolished Foz" is a brief burst of sketchy inspiration that sometimes leads to more finished works, and other times goes no further than the tumbleweed of pencil lines that forms it. It's simple, it's rough, it's raw, and it's all me. Give 'er a peek and check back frequently. You may like what you see.

My friend Carla Shaner (wife of my pal, the ever talented cartoonist Evan Shaner and colorist of my upcoming "Bodie Troll"), recently learned her job as a music teacher is at risk, as her school district is considering cutting all art programs. She asked me if I could draw something that she could use to protest the decision, and this is what I came up with...
This is pretty much the first editorial cartoon I've drawn since graduating from Central Michigan University back in 2004. It felt familiar and good to return to this form of cartooning. And for a cause such as preserving arts in public schools, I was more than happy to employ my editorial skills once again.  

I drew a slew of commissions this week, and this one was probably my favorite. I was asked to draw Dead Duck encountering the God of the Internet, a deity that I was given free reign to design. This is what I came up with...
 I made the god a pre-teen girl, based off my young cousins Lexie and Kayte, who are perpetually glued to their cell phones, texting to beat the band (you can tell I'm old because I use antiquated terms like "beat the band"). In the scenario I drew, Dead Duck is totally me. I'd have a better shot at performing a successful brain transplant than I would working a smart phone.

That does it for this week. Take care, my friends and followers, and see you back here next Wednesday!