Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Happy "beginning of the week" everybody! I actually love the start of the week--it gives me hope that there's time aplenty to complete all the stuff I need to--and then Wednesday hits, and I realize I didn't accomplish nearly enough, and the week's half spent!

That, in part, is why I'm giving my Live Sketch Show the week off as of this Wednesday night (04/13/11). Too much to do, or try to do, as Friday approaches, and something had to give. Hopefully I'll be back next week with a new episode, and hopefully you'll be there, too!

  • Some of you may have caught the release of "Little Green Men", the first volume of the graphic novel that I write and draw for Ape Entertainment. The second volume comes out this year, with the third hot on its tail.
  • I'm also looking forward to beginning my lettering gig on Guy Davis' "The Marquis" comic!
  • In between other projects, I've been developing a new comic book of my own. It will be an all-ages book set in a folktale world. While the characters will be new to most viewers, several of them are characters I'd developed 13 years ago for other projects that never came to be. I believe with this new book, I've finally found the perfect home for them. But the main character, the little guy who the book will be titled after, he's brand new, and so far, I've had an absolute blast sketching him, writing for him, and developing his personality. Over the past few months I've been working on what will be the first issue of the comic, and I believe it's almost complete, with some spit-polish to be applied to the very end of the story. So I'm hoping that sometime in 2011 (or at least early 2012) I'll be introducing you to my newest comic, "BODIE TROLL"!
  • 2010 found me drawing cards for some extremely fun series, the 2011 is no different! I'm working on a new set for 5finity that has me drawing space girls battling aliens! So much fun, and right up my alley!
  • Working for Rittenhouse on the Marvel: Dangerous Divas set was a dream, and they've brought me back to work on the Marvel Universe 2011 set! Almost any Marvel character is fair game for drawing, and I LOVE Marvel characters, so this is a dream gig, too!

In late 2010, I developed a single panel comic that lampooned horror films. I called it "Necronomicomics", and I've been shopping it around to several horror film magazines. Recently, I spoke with Rue Morgue Magazine's art director, who enjoyed my comic and is running one of them in their May issue! You can see samples of my "Necronomicomics" below! *WARNING! These comics are funny but gruesome--and a prior knowledge of classic horror films may help your appreciation and comprehension of them!


I've been designing some new prints to sell at cons, and I'm very excited about the two that I produced this past week, which you can view below...
I honestly LOVE this piece. It's based off a design I drew five years ago, which you can view here. The original was fun, but drawn with minimal reference, and created before I had the digital coloring ability that I do now. I knew I could do better. This piece was drawn with both reference and reverence for Rocky and Bullwinkle and Watchmen, two institutions that are very special to me. It will be an 11 x 17 print, and should be for sale this summer! 
Some of you may recall this in it's original sketch form. At C2E2 last month, "Transylvania TV" mastermind Gordon Smuder challenged me to draw comic strip icon Pogo Possum as Star Wars Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. I loved the idea so much, and knew with more time and resources, I could make it into something really cool. So, I did! The concept of Albert the alligator frozen in carbonite carried over from my old sketch (the puffs of smoke coming from his frozen cigar are new). But the addition of Porky Pine as Chewbacca and Miz Mam'selle Hepzibah as Princess Leia were new sparks of inspiration. And yes, I realize that "Cinnamon Roll" hair Leia is from Star Wars: A New Hope, not The Empire Strikes Back. But it was easier to convey a skunk as Leia using the original look. Anyhow, this will be an 8 1/2 X 11 print. Grab one for yourself this summer!

So that's all the news for now! Catch you next week, both here on my blog and on my Live Sketch Show!



ebd said...

Want . . . Watchmoose . . .

Frog God said...

I enjoy your comic strip for Transylvania Television and hope that there will be more of them to come for that sight.

Sange said...

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