Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's back like Billy Jack eating a Big Mac at the Love Shack! Catch my first new Live Sketch Show tonight at 8pm eastern time at this link. I'll be working on my Marvel Universe 2011 cards, so you can see my creative process (1.Think up weird idea 2. Draw it 3. Drink Diet Pepsi 4. Repeat).

I won't be taking suggestions for tonight's sketches, but you can still contact me during the show via Ustream's chat window! You need to log in to Ustream to use the window, but registering is easy. It only takes a username and an email address. Once you've entered that info, you can chat with me. Just like last always, I'll have loads of useless trivia and my own brand of quirky humor to inject (or infect) into each sketch I create!

And on another topic, I could really use your help...

On May 1st, an installment of my "Necronomicomics" will appear in the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine in the letters column! For now, this is a one-time appearance, so I encourage any of you who like to collect my work to buy a copy after that date. You can find it in any Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstore for sure, and probably any other major bookseller. But that's not where I need your help!

I'm starting an online campaign to get "Necronomicomics" into Rue Morgue as a regular feature, and I need YOU to send some e-mails! Check out the May 1st release of Rue Morgue and view my cartoon, or else you can view all my installments here, here, here and here. Then AFTER MAY 1ST, send the most glowing, persuasive, begging e-mail you can to the editor and the art director, telling them how much you dig "Necronomicomics", and how you want to see it as a regular feature! Sound like something you'd be interested in? I know I am! Here are the addresses you need to write to:

DAVE ALEXANDER (Editor in Chief, letters to the editor)
GARY PULLIN (Art Director)

I'll post a reminder as May 1st gets closer. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. Your collective efforts got "Dead Duck" in print and completely sold out that first printing, so I know your help could positively effect "Necronomicomics"!

And in other news...

I'd been asked to create artwork to promote actor Bruce Campbell's appearance at the Detroit Fanfare Comic Con this September. And just yesterday, after a great first week with my new computer, my Bruce Campbell art became the first complete piece that I created with my new PC (I color all my art using CS4)! I think it looks sweet as hell...but unfortunately, I can't show it to you guys right now. Fanfare wants to hold off on the big unveiling until the con rolls around. But I can tell you that the art features modern day Bruce, while referencing some of his past films, and will be used for sketch cards to be given out at Fanfare. Word has it the art may be used for some bigger promotion too, but we'll see when it gets closer to the show!

I just finished the final draft of the script for my first issue of "Bodie Troll", my new creator-owned all-ages comic book. It's been a whole lotta fun to write, and now I get to get my hands dirty with the really fun stuff--designing the look of the world! The main characters are just about designed, but the environments, supporting characters, even the style I draw it all in, it's all open to experiment. I can't wait to start! So more news as this continues to unfold!

Well, that's all the news that's fit to blog! Hope to see you tonight on my show, and reeeaaalllyyy hope to have your help in my online campaign to make "Necronomicomics" a regular feature in Rue Morgue Magazine! See you soon!



Alicia said...

sent a message to both promoting you, as you are fabulous! I continue following your work and supporting you no matter where I may be :)
-alicia stolsmark

Lee! said...

I will be only to happy to post a glowing and begging email after May 1st! Can't wait to see it!

Dennis said...

Afriad I won't make it tonight good Sir as my new job has me scheduled most wedsday nights I will however watch the replay later and continue to support your awesome work

Frog God said...

Will you do any more webcomics of Transylvania Television, i am eager to see more.
girls talk
-the female character talk to each other (beauty secrets/boys)
-what the cast dreams about