Friday, January 20, 2006

So Where's My Damn Grammy?!

Back in 2004 a group of music professors and classical musicians from CMU began production on a CD and commissioned me to design the cover art. Now, a year later, the CD has finally been released by Centaur Records Inc. To the best of my knowledge, it should it be available in a music store near you (Best Buy in the very least). Even if you're not a fan of woodwind music, it might be cool for you to own a piece of my very first CD artwork. I should stress that I make no money off sales of the album (mine was a one time flat fee for art creation). I just thought it might be a cool keepsake for you guys who dig my art. You can view the original art at the link below.


Phymns said...

Yeah, my wife's music teacher is Kennen White and so she knew who drew that cover right away. Kennen is one of the artists on the cover I think.

Dig it.


Melissa said...

LOVES IT! You're the best! (Has anyone ever told you that?!?!)