Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Release Date for Jay's Yenny Work and other news

I just spoke with cartoonist Dave Alvarez, and he tells me that my work will appear in Yenny #4 sometime in February. However, this may be subject to change. Planned release dates for most comic books are often as unpredictable as Michigan weather, and this particular issue was originally supposed to be due out last October. But at any rate, that's when he told me, so I'm sticking to it.

Look for it at a local comic book shop near you. I'd suggest, though, that you get to one NOW and ask for a copy of PREVIEWS, a catalog that advertises upcoming comic books. Since Yenny is published through Alias, which is still a growing company, probably not alot of shops immediately carry Alias comic books, so you may have to special order the issue through Previews, which any shop will help you do. It won't cost you anything extra to order the book, but it will assure that you get your hands on it. I know that's what I'll be doing!

In other cartooning news, I just sent out a portfolio of my work to Mad Magazine last week. It had a lot of caricatures featured on my website, as well as samples from my various comic strip creations. I thought the REEL FUNNY strip in particular might grab their attention, since they've always been heavy into movie parodies. More news on that when and if I hear back from 'em.

There's some caricaturing gigs coming my way, which is great news for my bank account. For the first time in I couldn't even tell you how long, I actually have at least one gig per month scheduled between now and June. That's good exposure, good money and good art (I pride myself on my caricaturing work).

I'm also going to be drawing a mural at Swan Valley Middle School (my old stomping ground) sometime in the next month. I was commissioned by one of my old teachers who's now head librarian there, and the mural will span one of the walls of the library. The mural will be done entirely in purple permanent marker (purple is Swan Valley's school color), which will make the job sooooo much easier than using paint (cleaner, too). I'll try and post some photos of the job once it's finished.

I'm also in talks to submit some artwork to the Northwood Art Gallery here in good ol' Midland, MI.
I stopped by there one day with Laura, and asked what a guy had to do to get his work in there. The director there seemed interested in my being a cartoonist (a first for the gallery, I'm certain). But I immediately got a line of questioning that was very straight forward and a little intimidating, ending with, "Are you any good?" "Well, I think I am," I nervously replied. She asked me to bring back a selection of my work to review and that we'd talk.
Walking downtown with Laura afterwards, I was kicking myself for not answering her question with: "I'm the best cartoonist the tri-cities has to offer." I'm not so arrogant to think I'm the best there is in Michigan (there's always someone better than you, after all), but I feel confident I have Midland, Saginaw and Bay City under control.
More news on the gallery as it develops.

Lastly, there's more potenially big news on the immediate horizon, though I won't say what until I get confirmation. Even if it falls through, I'll let you guys know that it would have been. But for now, it sounds like a pretty sure thing.

Thanks to all you guys who've been replying to these semi-regular postings. Tell your friends about this website and make sure you and they keep checking my blog regularly to see what's in the works. If things keep progressing the way they have been, the news is only going to keep getting bigger and better!


Melissa said...

First of all, that's fantastic about the potential release date. You realize this will be the first comic book I've ever purchased in my entire life, right?

Um, yeah, and I didn't see any mention of the work you have done for ME! Like, you're starting on artwork #2 for me. Yeah, I see how it is.

Phymns said...

Hey Jay. If the book is released in FEBRUARY, then the art should already be done. Thus, the book should have been solicited 3 months prior (as DIAMOND solicits 3 months prior to the release date) so NOV/DEC previews is what you would have needed to order the book from.

Not to fret. I'm sure that Alias' website has an online store that we can buy things via credit card/paypal. Plus certian comic stores DO carry all Alias comics. GREEN BRAIn in dearborn, MI is one, and FANFARE in Kalamazoo is another. I'm sure Grand Rapids comics stores will have em. As for the tri-cities and Mt. Pleasant, our comic shops suck (save for ANDY at Collector's Corner) and we won't get it likely. Its selective.

But keep checking the shops everyone. Maybe you'll get lucky. Try Galaxy comics in Saginaw, or COy's comics in old town Saginaw.

Just tryin' ta help. Now, I post on your blog, post on mine!

luvs, T