Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I can't believe this is happening, but it is indeed happening.

I made friends with a guy named Dave Alvarez who's a frighteningly talented cartoonist from Puerto Rico. He's has a character called Yenny that he draws in an online comic strip and in a comic book published by Alias Comics, a new and very impressive looking publisher.

And he's offered me the chance to write and draw a two page story for his Yenny comic book!

I'm seriously freaking out here, but I've managed to keep my cool long enough to hammer out a plot, script and fists.*

*Fists are my own personal derivative of thumbnails. Thumbnails are the small, scribbly sketches that cartoonists use to map out their pages before they actually draw them. As my own thumbnails are effin' huge, I call them fists. End of lecture.

I intend to start the actual illustrating tonight when I get out of work. I have less than a month to put this together and get it out to Dave, and I'm shooting to complete this before the end of the week for my own satisfaction.

So that's the big news. Unless something dramatically changes, my work will be appearing in the pages of Dave Alvarez's Yenny comic book sometime very soon. More news on that when the time comes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wet my pants.

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Phymns said...

Hells yeah boi! DO THAT SHIT!

P.S. When you said "fist" earlier.. I thought you had some odd-ass ritual before you drew... but thats my dirty mind thinking/running.