Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Into the interior...

"Bodie Troll" is barreling towards completion, folks. I just finished the interior artwork for issue #1, which is a big chunk of the work on this book. Of course, I still need to design the cover, begin coloring the pages, and complete all the other odds and ends that putting out a book entails. But this is my kinda busy, my kinda stressed, and it'll produce something really special when it all comes together. Here is a brief peek at a panel from issue #1.

Those of you who caught my Live Sketch Show last week got to see me work on a page from "Bodie Troll". I'll be doing something similar on this week's show, probably working on the aforementioned cover. This week, the show will start at 7 pm eastern time and run until 8, an hour earlier than last week, so make a note of it if you want to catch it live. You can find it at the link above. And if you'd like to chat with me during the show, you can reach me via Ustream's chat window. You need to log in to Ustream to use the window, but registering is easy. It only takes a username and an email address. Once you've entered that info, you can chat with me while I draw. I hope to see some of you online!

I'll be at The Detroit Fanfare Comic Con this Friday through Sunday, with a brand new "Bodie Troll" banner bedecking my table. I'll have books to sell from my various publications (no "Bodie Troll", however), I'll be taking commissions, selling prints, and original artwork. I'll even have some Bodie fliers to hand out, and Halloween candy for any kids who come by the table on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

That about does it for this week. Hope to see some of you during my show tonight, and hope to see some of you at Fanfare, too!


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Jamie Thomas said...

So, where will we be able to find copies of Bodie Troll? I'm totally snagging a copy when it comes out.