Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The latest beans have arrived. Join me as I spill them...

Hopefully enough time has passed that I can make mention of the latest set I'm working on for Rittenhouse Archives. It's called "Marvel: Bronze Age", and focuses on Marvel Comics characters that were created (or at least made appearances) between 1970 and 1985. I spent the better part of the past few weeks hammering these cards out in time for the July deadline, and just today I beat it by a month and a half as I Fed Ex'ed off my cards to Rittenhouse. While I don't think I can show you my cards just yet, I can reveal that you'll find several Howard the Duck cards, and a nice pile of Spider-Ham characters, which were so much fun to draw. If Rittenhouse ever releases a Spider-Ham set, I'll be all over that like a bad hairdo on Trump.

 Remember me mentioning this one before? Richard Thompson's awesome syndicated comic strip, "Cul De Sac", has been celebrated in collection called "Team Cul De Sac", featuring several professional cartoonists (myself included) drawing their renditions of Richard's characters. The proceeds from the book will go towards research for Parkinson's Disease, which Richard is afflicted with. The book has just hit stores and it's already #9 in Amazon's best sellers of comics and graphic novels.

So, what more do you need to hear?! Order your copy now onTeam Cul De Sac's website! You can also bid on the original artwork produced for the book here, with those proceeds also going towards Parkinson's research. And if you want the bid on the piece that I created for the book, you can dothat here! If you're a fan of the comic, then this is a must-purchase for you. And if you're looking to make a difference towards curing Parkinson's, this is a fun and beautiful way to do it! 

  • On sale today is my newest all-ages graphic novel published through Ape Entertainment, "DINO DUCK", conceived by Ape publishers David Hedgecock and Brent Erwin and written and drawn by me. The official description goes: "The race up the evolutionary ladder is on! But the only duck in the Duck Tribe who knows it is Dino! With the monkeys watching and copying his every move (and his fellow tribesmen ignoring him completely), it's up to Dino to drag his people out of the stone age and into evolutionary superiority before the monkeys beat him to it!" You can order it here on Amazon. And you can see a sample page below. Go give it a buy and lemme know what you think!

  • I mentioned awhile back that my friend and fellow cartoonist, Evan Shaner, would be the colorist for my first "Bodie Troll" story. Evan just sent me the first coloring sample of my character, Gossamer. Just seeing what he did here proves that I made the right choice, and that I have one hella talented friend.
I'll be unveiling "Bodie Troll" at San Diego Comic Con next month. So advance thanks to Evan for classing up my line work and helping me make the best impression!
  • I'm still plugging away on writing and art chores on "Old Mc Monster's Haunted Farm" for Ape Entertainment. I should be wrapping up the project by the middle of the summer, with plans for an October release. Here's is a sample panel from the latest batch of pages.
I just wrapped up my annual all-night caricaturing gig for Flushing High School (Flushing, MI)--though I'm fuzzy on the exact anniversary, it seems as if this was my fifteenth year attending the event. As always, the parents were nice and helpful, and the kids were fantastic. I drew some good caricatures based off their great suggestions ("Draw me with a taco head and fighting a bear!" "Draw me and her as celery and a carrot swimming in a bowl of ranch dressing!"), and had some really nice conversations with the kids. Stand-out conversations were with fellow comic enthusiasts as we gushed over the Avengers movie, as well as a very nice talk with three Norwegian exchange students about their experiences here and in their homeland. It's connections like this that I enjoy most about my caricaturing gigs, and why I keep returning to this particular event. Thanks for another great one, Flushing High!

This weekend I'll be caricaturing for a graduation party here in my home town of Ann Arbor, MI. It's rare when I actually get a gig that's within ten miles of my driveway, so I jump at those opportunities. I owe this one to my friend, fellow Ann Arborite and fellow cartoonist Dave Coverly (creator of the syndicated comic, "Speed Bump"), who suggested me for this gig. As Dave has helped me out on many occasions (he sponsored me for membership for The National Cartoonists Society four years ago), I owe him many times over. So thank you, Dave. There's a kidney with your name on it inside me right now. How you got in there to autograph it, I'll never know...
If you're not following my "Dead Duck" web comic online, then you hate your mother and think kittens are tasty. If that doesn't describe you (and damn you if it does), then you better put things right and start following "Dead Duck". Hilarity waits for no man.

It's no secret that I'm  HUGE Rocky and Bullwinkle fan. I decided I wanted a hat emblazoned with "Moose and Squirrel's" image, so I ordered a vintage patch online, bought a ball cap here in town, and had my wife stitch 'er on for me. For those not in the know, Wossamotta University (or Wossamotta U) was Bullwinkle's alma mater. And now with this hat, it's my alma mater too. Wonder if I can get the next college bowl to be held in Moosylvania...?

See you next week!


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