Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It wouldn't be Dead Duck without some kind of mishap. The graphic novel is loaded with episodes where Zombie Chick messes things up, Dead Duck messes things up, or something goes haywire with their pick-up. But their situation is never irreparable and always works out in the end. And so will this…

There was a problem with Dead Duck at the printers. The simplified version is that the artwork was getting cut off, so they had to re-size the entire book on the fly. The good news is that the problem was solved, and everyone who has ordered a copy (or copies) of Dead Duck will still be getting their books.

The bad news is that most people will not be getting those copies until two or three weeks after Dead Duck's original release dates. This means that if you ordered your copies through a comic shop, rather than getting them on Nov. 25th as originally said, you'll get yours somewhere around Dec. 10th or 17th. But if you ordered through Amazon, who gave an original release date of Dec. 9th, you will either get your copies just before or just after Christmas.

Now, there is an exception to all this. Anyone who pre-ordered Dead Duck through any of the three shops I'm currently signing at--Coy's Comics in Saginaw on Nov. 27th, Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor on Dec. 2nd and Comic City in Canton on Dec. 5th--WILL have their books in stock on the day of each signing. My publisher is sending me a case of Dead Duck books that I will be bringing to these shops to cover any of their pre-orders. So all my signings, including my Delta College signing on Nov. 30th (which I'll provide copies of Dead Duck for), are still ON. You can click here if you need more information on them.

While I'm pleased that I can satisfy those who ordered their copies at the three shops I'm signing at, that does not forgive the delay the rest of you will experience. Some of you may have ordered Dead Duck as Christmas presents, and it's only a thin possibility that it will reach all of you in time. I cannot apologize enough for that. The love, support and personal effort you've all afforded me is what carried Dead Duck to print in the first place. And now for this to happen, well, that's just inexcusable. That is no way to repay your faith in me and my work. And I am so very, very sorry that it happened this way.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that Dead Duck is still coming out. I'm reminding myself of that as much as I'm reminding you. I'm still promoting it to the hilt--I'm doing another podcast tonight (The Related Recap, on Comicrelated.com), I've done three interviews in the past two weeks and am anticipating a fourth--so I'm not done fighting to make this dream a reality. I hope you can still get behind me despite all the craziness of the past couple months, and enjoy Dead Duck when it finally does reach you. For all I've had to go through to make it happen, it's just gotta be worth it in the end.

Much love, and many apologies,



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JLeonid said...

Congratulations! Speaking as a writer myself, this has to be incredibly exciting.