Saturday, May 31, 2008


If you check me out at, then you probably know where this is going. If not, then you're in for a pretty juicy bit of Dead Duck news....!

Over the course of the past couple to a few weeks, I've sent out e-mails to a handful of cartoonists whom I absolutely worship, asking them if they'd be interested in drawing a pin-up for my upcoming Dead Duck graphic novel. The list was short but specific, and each artist was chosen for the inspiration they unknowingly contributed to the development of my creation.

Out of that exclusive selection, one cartoonist, the guy, in fact, who I thought the least likely to respond, the guy who was by far the biggest name and biggest long-shot in my cartoonist wish list, actually wrote me back. He was extremely nice, and shockingly said he knew of my work (likely through Myspace), really enjoyed it and LOVED Zombie Chick! He suggested he'd be interested, but wasn't sure if it was something he could have ready immediately because of his busy schedule (and man, does he EVER have a busy schedule!). So I shot him another e-mail, telling him my deadline wasn't even until March of 2009, so there was plenty of time. After that, I left town to see The Kids In The Hall with Laura in Royal Oak. By the time I got back home today, there was yet another e-mail from the man, saying that YES, he would be able to draw the pin-up!

And who is this awesome cartoonist that I'm so completely head-over-heels for who's agreed to draw a pin-up of my characters? Well, let me put it this way...

You ever see the Disney cartoon Lilo and Stitch?

Chris Sanders, the film's creator, writer, designer, co-director and voice of Stitch himself (and now, the hilarious and gorgeous online comic Kiskaloo) has agreed to take on Dead Duck through his own gorgeous artistic vision. It will be featured prominently in the Dead Duck graphic novel which again, will be released in November of 2009. I am so gloriously excited about this, folks. To me, this is huge. And it's the biggest compliment someone's paid my work in a long time. Chris is now in an exclusive club of established cartoonists who dig Zombie Chick (Groo the Wanderer-creator Sergio Aragones conveyed his own love of my undead chicken when I met him last summer at the Motor City Comic Con).

So that's the news, folks! If any of the other's I'd written happen to get back with me, I'll let you know. But seriously, I'm on such a cloud right now that I don't feel I need anyone else. Chris is the ultimate!

More news later, kids!


Jenn said...

Go on with yo bad self! That's awesome. I'm happy for ya. Can't wait 'till I can pick up my copy!


Gregory said...

WOW! That is AWESOME recognition!! I am in awe.

Don't stay on that cloud to long, the longer your up there the longer I have to wait the see the "DEAD DUCK" graphic novel. Now back to work :-)



Carla said...


I am so HAPPY for you!

When Evan told me, I thought I might poop my pants!

That's so awesome!

(P.S. I'm going to give you a HUGE hug when I see you in a week!)


Lindsey said...

Congrats Jay!!! Thats amazing.

Phymns said...

I know I am no DISNEY caliber, but if you need something from me, don't hesitate to ask. I belive I owe you one from when you did one for me. Persis Khambatta haircut. RemembeR?

Just mail me if you need something.

Cheers, T

liz said...

Great! P.S. when seeking a proofreader, remember I have a tattoo of a pen dripping blood with the words "Born to edit" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

I am thrilled, as always, for you and the Duck. I think this is going somewhere good!!! Don't ever quit on this!!!


Anonymous said...

This just keeps getting better AND better!! You are on your way my friend...Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


so happy, so proud of you...

i'm smiling, and i hope you are too, man.

-jason pintar

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