Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've been meaning to mention this for awhile, and I'm sure I've hinted at it here or there in various posts over the past two months or so. But now, I feel the time is right to lay the cards down and show you people the hand I'm playing.

Laura and I are moving. Not immediately, mind you, but in the next two months. She got accepted into the masters program at Eastern Michigan to study theater, so we're pulling up stakes and moving down there. We've signed onto an apartment in Ann Arbor and we're officially moving in on July 25th.

Now before any MORE of you can utter the now much-repeated phrase: "But what will YOU do down there, Jay?", I pose you with THIS question:

Do you even read this blog?

I've got a graphic novel coming out in November of 2009, with a March 2009 deadline, so that's what I'm doing. Plus, I'm a freelance cartoonist. I've already got work lined up into September with more on the way. If I decide I want to get a job around town, or if I even have the time to, I will. But I'm a cartoonist with a book pending, folks. Asking me what I'm going to do when we move is like asking Jim Henson "What'll you do if this whole puppeteering thing doesn't pan out?"

So anyway, now you guys know. I'll make sure to give out our contact info to any interested parties when the info becomes mine to give. In the meantime, to any of my friends reading this who happen to live or have family in southern Michigan, just know that I'll soon be in a bit closer proximity to hang, meet for lunch or engage in a drive-by should you insult my possee or dis my baby's mama (No mom, Laura's not pregant. It's an urban colloquialism, i.e. a joke). Hit me back with a response, either here, Myspace or my e-mail at so I know you got this and are aware that I'll be storming the lower mitten soon. Phone numbers will be appreciated.

More posts are coming, folks. But bookmark this one in particular. I hope to see you all in due time.



Carla said...

We're totally in. Give us the skinny 'cuz, as soon as you's knows what's the dilio be.


(See you in 10 days!)

Doc Shaner said...

Hey...I live and have family in Southern Michigan, Shaner for the no-prize!

Looking forward to you guys being down this way man.

Phymns said...

I cannot stress enough how much this is going to improve you. Mid Michigan is DEAD for comics and comic work. there are a TON of cartoonists and artists in the ann Arbor area. ones that are gonna light a fire under your arse and get you rockin more than you already are. Its very positive. Plus, you are now only two hours away from me off I-94! We can meet 1/2 way in Kalamazoo or something and catch up like we keep saying we are going to try to do.

I wish you luck. Movng changed my life for the better. I know it will to you too.


Stefanie said...

Sweet!!!!! That is a great place for you guys!! :-) You know Heidi Bennett lives in Ann Arbor, right?! ;-) YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for both you & Laura, Jay!
I wish you both nothing more than ALL of the happiness & success that you both so very much deserve.
This move can only be a positive step for you both :) Maybe we can all catch dinner sometime before you guys leave... Least we can still keep in touch this way!!