Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I am elated and relieved to announce that I've managed to raise the $5,000.00 needed to replace my car. It's been only twenty three days since my accident, and twenty two days since I opened the commission drive to raise the funds, but with the last commission received today (thanks, Motz!), I can call this a successful rebound--and I have so many of you to thank for making this happen.

From the start of this mess, I had friends, family and fans popping up everywhere to commission me, to spread the word about my commissions drive,  to share their concern for me and to show their support in personal ways. As wholeheartedly as I can express it, I am touched, humbled, and ever appreciative of everyone who helped me turn this tough situation around.

And as quickly as my car was taken away from me, it has been replaced! Thanks in good measure to my friend Steve Nemzek for driving me around from car lot to car lot to find the perfect car for me (note: this is the second time Steve sacrificed a day off to help me buy a car--he was there back in December to help me find Smuggler's Blues, may she rest in pieces)--I am now the proud owner of a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, which I have dubbed "CLUTCH CARGO"--named partly after a cheesy cartoon character from the 60's, partly because I found the car and bought her in a "clutch", i.e. really damn quickly, and because it has ample cargo space in the trunk for my convention gear. 

Once more, all my love and appreciation to you all, for everything you've done and for all you mean to me. And to those who are waiting for their commissions to arrive, rest assured I'm happily plugging away at them, and hope to have these wrapped up no later than early May. You've given me some wonderfully fun things to draw, and I appreciate that aspect of all this, too!

All the best to you, my friends! Here's to a great Spring and Summer for us all!



Unknown said...

This is great! I just read the February post about the accident and the very next one I read is about accomplishing your goal. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this. Considering the financial disaster my 2015 holidays were, your good fortune gives me a little hope. Wish I had some kind of talent that people wanted. :)

Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers

Unknown said...
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Mike garlick said...

Still have commissions open?

I'd like a mad max themed mort Joe pouring water down to the masses political cartoon, insert the govern Snider for the face and insert
Mort joes quote, "Do not my friends become addicted to the water..."

Or you can steal the idea and submit to to all the papers in Michigan and start a new career as a political satirist.
Sorry about the car.

Hope you are fine.