Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It feels like I'm recycling the same news week in and week out--"I'm working on Bodie Troll and hella busy." Well, the news ain't changing. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Working on a comic book that you've created, that you own, that you love and feel is the best work you've produced to date, and that a respected publisher is releasing in 2013 is hardly something to gripe about. But man, coloring these pages just may be the death of me. I'm putting more "oomph" into the coloring of "Bodie Troll" than ever before on any other project. It'll be worth it in the end, but for now, my hand is killing me, and these late nights and early mornings are kicking my butt all the way to deadline. So that's the news on "Bodie", same as before and the same as it shall be for awhile, much to my satisfaction.

I'm going to try and do a new Live Sketch Show tonight at 8 pm eastern time. And going against my recent "whatever I'm currently working on" theme, I'll be returning to my more interactive format for just this once. I'll pick a theme, and whoever tunes into my show and gives me suggestions will see it drawn. No idea what that theme will be yet, but best to show up to find out and to play along. Catch the show at the link above, and as always, you're invited to chat with me during my show via Ustream's chat window. You need to log in to Ustream to use the window, but registering is easy. It only takes a username and an email address. Once you've entered that info, you can chat with me while I draw. I hope to see some of you online!

I implore you once again to keep up with the Dead Duck web comic. I'm currently on part 5 of "Day's End", a wordless adventure that explores the after-hours life of Minions and Zombies, and I think it's one of my best stories. Judge for yourself here, and keep checking back for further adventures.

I'll leave you kids with this latest panel from "Bodie Troll" #1, which is rocketing towards completion, pending the coloring of two more pages and my receiving some pin-ups from my artist pals. I've said before that I like drawing hugs, and this panel is, I feel, one of my best.

Take care, mon peeps.


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