Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Not much to report this week, other than I'm still plugging away at "Bodie Troll". Below you can see a sample of my rough pencils and finished inks on a recent panel.

Things seem to be progressing nicely. I'm about half way through drawing the first issue, and then I start on colors. I've recently been experimenting with my digital coloring, and I'm hoping to develop a style that's close to what Evan Shaner did on the first four pages of "Bodie", since I'll be coloring the rest of the series myself. Below is a color test I did on my pencil sketch of Uncle Deadly from "The Muppet Show". I went with choppier brush strokes, employed more highlight and shadow, and overlaid some textures in different parts of the drawing. I like how it turned out, and it's gets me excited to employ this with "Bodie".
So that about does it for this week. I hope you're all keeping up with "Dead Duck" online. This week continues an episode from Dead Duck's childhood, "Ain't No Time For A Summertime Bruise". There's a big reveal in tomorrow's installment, so if you haven't been following, go back into my archives and catch up. It's not to be missed.

See you next week with more to report!


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