Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bridges to cross and ducks in the air

I've been teasing this for awhile now, but I finally feel I can tell folks about the new development in my career for 2013.

I found a new publisher for my all-ages comic, "Bodie Troll". The contract arrived today, and until I sign it (or until I know they're cool with me mentioning their involvement), I'll keep their name under wraps. What I will say is that this publisher has had books nominated for Eisner Awards (a big deal in the comics industry), they produce some fun and beautiful books, and that I when met them at the San Diego Comic Con, they were very enthusiastic about carrying "Bodie Troll".

Just to get everyone up to speed, "Bodie Troll" is a fractured fairy tale about a little troll who wants to be seen a huge, menacing creature, but he's just too cute and cuddly to be scary. He lives outside the village of Hagadorn, and hangs around The Drunken Pumpkin tavern where he runs errands for Miz Bijou, a retired fairy godmother, and pals around with Cholly, a barmaid, aspiring playwright/actress, and Bodie's best friend. Magical mishaps, unforeseen creature attacks and outside invaders are regular occurrences in Bodie's world. And he handles it as best a cute, cuddly, stumpy little grump could manage.

This is the updated character sheet for "Bodie Troll" (colored by Evan "Doc" Shaner), which I've previously posted in various stages of development. Bodie, Cholly, Miz Bijou and Socko will appear in the first couple issues, while Stoutheart and Gossamer will show up in later storylines.

As of this writing, "Bodie Troll" is planned a four issue comic book series, followed by digital releases and, eventually, a trade paperback. The first issue should be released by September 2013, available in comic shops and online.

Now, some of you may already be asking, "What's this mean for Dead Duck"?

Well, for the time being, I still have the "Dead Duck" web comic running twice weekly, re-posting all my previously published stories. When those run their course, I'll drop the comic's schedule down to once a week, and will post three never-before-published "Dead Duck" stories. Given that timeline, the "Dead Duck" web comic should wrap up by the week of July 7th, 2013. After that, "Dead Duck" will be taking a break for awhile. If I have the time or inspiration, I may slip in a new "Dead Duck" story from time to time. But I'll be busy enough with other projects.

I'm still going to write and draw "Necronomicomics" for Rue Morgue Magazine each month. I'll continue to contribute to Ape Entertainment's "Dreamworks Animation Magazine", and I'll be contributing to their upcoming "Sesame Street" comic. I'll still be open for commissions, and I'm sure I'll plod away at another year of caricaturing gigs. But my main focus for the remainder of 2012 and throughout 2013 will be working on "Bodie Troll".  

In the coming year, my website will be getting a "Bodie Troll" facelift. I'll have a new banner at cons sporting Bodie's fuzzy mug. Even this blog may find itself "Bodified". I believe "Bodie Troll" is the best comic I've created since "Dead Duck", and I hope you'll all feel the same and continue to support my work.

So that's it. I imagine by next week, the contract will be signed and I can reveal the new publisher's name (if I haven't already told so many of you as to ruin the surprise). Catch you back here next Wednesday for that reveal and other comic happenings in the career of Jay P. Fosgitt.



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thats awesome!

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I have been looking forward to this for what seems like ages

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Yay! happy to see that Cholly and Stout have found new worlds.

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Great Jay!