Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look out, San Diego, 'cause here I CON!

This is it--my last blog post before leaving for The San Diego Comic Con. Up 'til now, I've blathered on about the folks I look forward to meeting. Now, I'll blather on about opportunities for folks to meet ME!

If you're attending comic con and would like to meet me, I'll be doing some signing times at both The Ape Entertainment Booth (# 1804-1806) and The National Cartoonists Society Booth (#1307-1309). Here are my signing times:


THURSDAY          4:40-5:30
FRIDAY                 2:30-3:30
SATURDAY          11:30-12:30

NOTE: I'll be signing copies of "Little Green Men" and "Dino Duck". I won't be accepting commissions while at Ape's booth, but I will be accepting them while at The National Cartoonists Society booth. If you have anything for me to sign, even if it's not an Ape book, I'm happy to sign it at either booth.


THURSDAY          5:45-6:45
FRIDAY                 3:45-4:45
SATURDAY          3:00-4:00
SUNDAY               10:00-11:00

NOTE: I may be at the NCS booth longer and more often than I have posted here, so stop by and see if I'm around. I won't have any books for sale, but I will be taking commission requests in two sizes: 4X6=$25, 8.5X11=$45.
And here's a peek at my table sign for the NCS booth (click to enlarge):
So that's it, kids. I'm in the final stages of packing and panicking (though I reserve the right to start a new stage of panicking when I get to the con). Chaos, hero worship, a lot of spending (and hopefully a little earning) are in the forecast for me, and I promise to check back next week with a full report and lotsa photos. Those who'll be in attendance, come on by and see me. Those who won't, wish me luck!


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