Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Here's the straight poop, folks...

I had a such a great time spending FCBD 2012 at 21st Century Comics in East Lansing! It's a great shop, made all the greater by my table companions, comic creators Jay Jacot and Joe Foo. Jay was the workhorse of our trio who set up our appearance at the shop, and who also had the techno-resources to swipe credit cards for us (as in to process, not to steal!) when folks wanted to buy stuff from us without benefit of cash. So a tip of the hat to Jay for pulling it all together for us! And Joe Foo gave me a copy of his awesome collection of his "Desmond's Comic" strip, so thanks to Joe for the great gift! We met some really nice people, and had some great conversations and laughs. Other pals of ours, comic creator Guy Davis and his fiancee, author Rosemary Van Deuren, showed up to support us, and joined us for some great eats and company at Old Chicago pizza after the show. It was a very fun day, and one I hope to recreate with all these cool and talented folks again! Here's a photo of Jay Jacot, myself and Joe Foo from our after-event festivities, courtesy of Rosemary Van Deuren (thanks, Rosemary!):

Summit City is happening this Saturday at The Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It'll be my second year in artist alley, and I'm really looking forward to it! If you're going to attend and want to find me, check out the con floor plan here:
 As you'll see, I'll be seated in A7, between my good pals Kyle Latino (A6) and Tony Miello (A8), which kicks up the fun factor of this show for me substantially! I'll have books, prints and sketches to sell, so come find me and I'll hook you Hoosiers the heck up! And click the link above for more information!

You'll recall this little nugget from last week's blog post. I'd mentioned how on Monday, April 30th, I was seeing what pieces of Jay Fosgitt art were circulating on Ebay. I came across a card for the Star Wars Galaxy 5 set that Topps Trading Cards released a few years ago. It was emblazoned with the description: Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 Sketch Card, Shuttle Tydirium by artist Jay Fosgitt. Problem is, I didn't draw it. Either the seller had mistakenly advertised this card as being drawn by me, or he drew the card himself and is trying to pass it off as my work (my name doesn't carry enough clout to warrant a high price tag for a card, so this second theory is pretty thin). I hastily rattled off the following note to the seller:

"Hi. I'm Jay Fosgitt. And I hate to break it to you, but I never drew this card. I see that the artist signed the card "JF", but it isn't me, and I can guarantee you that there is no other Jay Fosgitt on the planet besides me (believe me, I've researched it). I did contribute art to Star Wars Galaxy 5, but unlike this artist's style, my style is very cartoony, and I never drew ships (and if I did, they would be much better than this). So I'd appreciate it if you'd update your product info, partly because I wouldn't want this card sold under false pretenses, but mostly because I wouldn't want my name to be associated with such lousy artwork. If need be, you can visit my website www.jayfosgitt.com for verification of my artistic style, and you can contact me at fourpanelhero@hotmail.com if you'd like to discuss it further.
Thanks. --Jay"

It took me spreading the word to Topps, Ebay and all my followers on all my websites to finally get this guy to respond to me after a week had passed since I first wrote him. He claimed that putting my name on the card was just a mistake, since he didn't see any other "JF" in the artists listed for that set. He also said some of my followers kinda read him the riot act, which he didn't appreciate. While I don't condone insults or threats, if this person had just written me back within 24 hours of my writing him, I never would have gone public with this. Regardless, he apologized and removed my name from the card's description. Crisis of mislabeling averted, much to my satisfaction.

That does it for this week! Thanks for checking in, and be sure to keep checking out Dead Duck every Monday and Thursday!


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