Sunday, October 30, 2011


I love Halloween with every fiber of my dark, tormented soul! And the best treat I can offer you folks on this blissfully horrific occasion is a damp, pulpy slice of my own twisted imagination...

My "Dead Duck" web comic rampages through villages at the stroke of midnight on Halloween! I will be reprinting every "Dead Duck" story I ever created, running a new page every Monday and Thursday for the coming year, with each page featuring loads of behind the scenes trivia about "Dead Duck"! Then, by this time next year, I'll switch things up and begin running all new "Dead Duck" stories once a week! You can click on the image above and be taken to the comic! Or, if you just want to bookmark the comic so you can follow it regularly (like bran cereal, "Dead Duck" will keep you regular), just go to:

Of course, I'm banking on my undead legions of fans who already know about "Dead Duck" to provide me with a hell of a great audience! But I'm just as eager to recruit new readers into my cult following (as cults go, we tend to sacrifice pizza and worship the fleece deities of Jim Henson). Here's all you need to know about "Dead Duck":
  • Dead Duck is a minion of Death, and he delivers the souls of the deceased with the aid of his sidekick, Zombie Chick.
  • Death, or as he's formally know, J.P. Yorick, runs RIP Inc., an importer and exporter of the dead, from his hometown of Rigormortitropolis, The City of the Dead. 
  • This comic is a mix of horror, humor and pop culture. But don't let the cartoony facade fool you--this ain't for kids. I take no responsibility for any poop, boobies, swear words, or pop culture references that go way over your heads that may warp your fragile young psyche. You have been warned.
For a more concise run-down of "Dead Duck's" plot, characters and flavor, check out the "Dead Duck" section of my website.

I'm counting on your viewership to make "Dead Duck" an even bigger hit than ever! Spread the word about the comic, and feel free to ask me questions or leave me feedback! I can't wait to re-introduce everyone to the creepy/cool/comical world of "Dead Duck"! See you at midnight, kids!



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