Tuesday, August 09, 2011

One more little post before leaving for Chi town...

Two things:

1. After lots of work and lots of waiting for my web host to fix the problem, my brand new website is officially up and running! It's still WWW.JAYFOSGITT.COM, but everything within it is new! Click on the link and be sure to bookmark it!

2. I just found out I was nominated in two categories for THE SHEL DORF AWARDS! This is an awards ceremony for comic professionals, and it will be held during the Detroit Fanfare comic con on Sept. 24th. I've been nominated for best letterer and best kids comic for my work on Ape Entertainment's "Little Green Men". If you'd like to vote, click on the Shel Dorf Awards link above!

So that's about it. Still packing for Wizard World and trying to stay on top of commissions and various assignments. Craziness, it's all craziness---but GOOD craziness! Hope to see you in Chicago, and if not, I look forward to talking with you again when I'm back!


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