Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here's all the news fit to blog...


This week begins my "every other week" broadcast schedule, meaning there's no show tonight. Work has been piling up (which is a good thing), so I have to spread out my shows a bit. But I'll be back online next week, and hope to see you there!


I had a great time at Wonderworld Comics in Taylor, MI last Saturday, where I drew sketches and sold comics all day. Thanks to Dennis for allowing me to be part of WW's Free Comic Book Day event! The highlight of the day for me was being interviewed by Rob Allstetter and Jordan Trovillion for Rob's "Comics Continuum" TV show--a program all about comics and comic related news. Rob tells me the episode I'll appear on will air on Saturday, May 14th on TV20 in Detroit. Catch it if you can!


I was recently interviewed by Chuck Moore, creator of the comic news website, "Comic Related", and host of the site's podcast show, "The Related Recap". Chuck talked to me about all the different projects I'm currently working on, as well as my background in cartooning. It was a very fun and thorough interview, and it was great reconnecting with Chuck, who first interviewed me back in 2009 when Dead Duck was first released. The interview will be posted on the site later today, and you can find it HERE!


Issue #111 of Rue Morgue Magazine has finally hit the stands, and my cartoon has appeared in it! I've spoken with the editors, and thanks in no small part to your e-mails, they're talking about running Necronomicomics as a regular monthly feature! But we shouldn't cease the e-mails yet! For a better understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish, here's a recap:

I'm starting an online campaign to get my new horror comic strip, "Necronomicomics", into Rue Morgue as a regular feature, and I need YOU to send some e-mails! Contact your local bookstore (most big chain stores carry it)  and ask for issue #111 of Rue Morgue Magazine. Buy the crap out of it, then send the most glowing, persuasive, begging e-mail you can to the editor and the art director, telling them how much you dig "Necronomicomics", and how you want to see it as a regular feature! Sound like something you'd be interested in? I know I am! Here are the addresses you need to write to:

DAVE ALEXANDER (Editor in Chief, letters to the editor)
GARY PULLIN (Art Director)

Remember, the issue should come out today or Wednesday, but keep looking until you find it! Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. Your collective efforts got "Dead Duck" in print and completely sold out that first printing, so I know your help could positively effect "Necronomicomics"!  

More news as this plays out!


I've worked on several sketch card sets over the past few years, and my most recent work is proving to be the most fun!

I've started my second set for Rittenhouse--Marvel Universe 2011! It allows me to draw most any Marvel character I want, and so far, this has been a dream come true! The thirteen year old kid in me who bought stacks of comics every weekend is just geeking out to no end!

I'm also working on the Galaxgals Eradication series for 5finity. That series gives me tons of creative freedom to design space girls battling aliens and robots, so it's certainly up my creative alley!

So That about wraps it up! Thanks for reading. Catch my live Sketch Show next week, and I'll have more news for you soon!


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