Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Two signings down, two (or more) to go…!

The "or more" I keep mentioning is in regards to a signing I'm in the process of booking with Wonderworld Comics in Taylor, Michigan. It's looking like it'll happen on January 12th, but it's dependant on the arrival of additional copies of Dead Duck. I'll let you all know when it's finalized.

So my second signing at my ol' alma mater Delta College was just a wonderful experience! I have pictures and further details below, but first, a shout-out for my THIRD signing, which happens TOMORROW!

The poster says it all, though as of this writing, the "presentation" I'd previously mentioned is still up in the air. I had a power point prez I wanted to do at the signing, but various factors have persuaded me to push that aside so I can spend more time meeting people as I sign copies at Vault of Midnight. Regardless, it'll be a fun night, and I look forward to seeing some of you guys there!

So back to my Delta experience! My old English prof and old faculty advisor of The Delta Collegiate, Joan Ramm, had worked with the current advisor (and my first editor in chief at The Collegiate) Kathie Marchlewski in setting everything up for my signing. They had a table and chairs waiting for me, and they put up posters weeks in advance to promote my arrival. I was (and still am) very touched by all the effort they put out in bringing me back to good ol' Delta to unveil Dead Duck. Just a few weeks prior to my arrival, Kathie sent me a Facebook message that simply said, "Can't wait to see you at the Delta signing! C'mon home!" That so perfectly summed up how I felt about returning to my college, and it was a very dear sentiment.

Joan had me speak to her Mass Media class (which I also took with Joan back in 1997). Everything went smoothly, the class was very attentive, and as always, Joan kept the whole thing rolling if there was ever a lull in the Q and A part of my presentation. Here I am addressing the class…

And here is what I'm pointing at. When we talked of doing a power point presentation, at best I thought I'd get one of those old fashioned classroom movie screens. Little did I know Delta had a humongo ginormous screen at their disposal! My illustrations looked even cooler blown up that huge!

After talking with the class, I and my pal/lawyer/manager/transportation and now cashier Nick made our way down to my signing spot outside the library. Here are Nick and I looking totally bad ass (yes, I'm being facetious)…

Here I am with Kathie Marchlewski. As I mentioned, Kathie was my first editor when I came to the Collegiate back in '95/'96, and she was truly one of the best. I recall her being very supportive and encouraging of my cartooning, and she always found an excuse to use my art in some capacity, keeping me gainfully employed that first year. Kathie was no less supportive during my signing, and I absolutely appreciate everything she did for it.

Here I am with my best friend Scott, who skipped work just to come and buy a copy of Dead Duck--despite having already ordered a slew of them off Amazon! Now that's a best friend!

Here's Joan Ramm, as supportive and great as ever. Like Kathie, Joan always found a use for my cartoons on the Collegiate, and also kept my hands in everything else the Collegiate was doing, which began my education in print production and graphic processes. All this still serves me well today with my comics, and Joan started it all. It's with no small feeling of gratitude that I write these words, and it was a thrill to get to thank her in person for all that she's done for me.

Here’s Nick and Joan. Nick was also an employee and section editor of The Collegiate back in 2000, and had the benefit of Joan's experience and encouragement as well. I think he had as great a time as I did coming back to the school and people who helped make us what we are today.

Here I am with LeAnne, one of my closest and oldest friends (again, old in longevity of friendship, not age. I have a good year or two over LeAnne). LeAnne and I went to school together, worked for many years at Thomas Township Parks and Rec together, and have remained close all the while. She brought her sister and two little boys with her to my signing, and it was wonderful to see her again.

And here is Jason, an old pal from my CMU theater dept. days. Jason actually attended Delta for one semester, and I encountered him in a broadcasting class there as my friend Pat and I edited our horror film, "Son of Scurvy". I'd meet Jason again the following fall when he transferred to CMU, and we've been friends ever since.

I need to mention the other friends who came that I didn't catch in front of my camera lens. Tim Sandison, friend and step dad to Laura's best friend Jenn, came to see me and grab a copy. Liz Dewey, my director from "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel", a great friend and Delta College employee came over to get a copy. Liz's daughter Robin also trekked up from Flint to see me. Tom Caylor, a friend, Delta employee and fellow Bay City Players member came over to my table for a book and a chat. My mother in law Julaine and her son Adam showed up for the signing. And Ashley Niedzwiecki, The Collegiate's current editor in chief, came over for a copy and a chat as well. Ashley was as big a help as Joan and Kathie in making this signing happen--from writing a great article on me and Dead Duck a couple months back to printing off the posters for the event--I couldn't have done it without her. A warm thank you to everyone else who came out to see me--students and passers by alike. It was my best signing experience to date!

So there you have it. Hope to see some more of you at my signing at Vault of Midnight tomorrow. Hopefully you'll find me and Dead Duck entertaining, with or without a power point presentation. I'll be looking for you!

Much love,



ebd said...

You had to talk to a class-- ah, that's why you were nervous. It was great to see you! hope it was a profitable day too.

Jeff Lange said...

I love that promotional poster. Wish I could get to a book signing...

Robin said...

Aw, I got a shout out :) I'm glad you had such a good day at Delta, Jay!

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