Tuesday, August 04, 2009


This is your last heads up before Laura and I brave the cross-state traffic for Wizard World Chicago tomorrow morning. I'll list as much pertinent info as I can below:

Wednesday,August 5th:
Laura and I will be leaving for Rosemont, Illinois, and will be crashing at the Hilton Garden Inn, hopefully getting well rested for the days that follow.

Thursday, August 6th:
The con opens it's doors for PREVIEW NIGHT, which I understand is a sneak preview for special ticket holders only. Laura and I will be in attendance, with lots to show and lots to sell (which will all be listed below). Preview Night will go from 4pm-8pm, after which we'll be free for anyone who wants to find us and hang out.

Friday, August 7th/Saturday, August 8th:
The con is open to the public from 10am to 7pm. I'll be manning my table all the doo-dah day, with the exception of a signing I'll be doing at Ape Entertainment's booth (#1140) on Friday and Saturday from 2pm-3pm. As before, our night will be wide open for whoever wants to kick it old school.

Sunday, August 9th: Last day of the con. It'll be open from 10am-5pm. Same as the other days, I'll be at my table most of the time except from 1pm-2pm when I'll be signing at the Ape booth. Then, when 5pm hits, we'll load up the car and head back to good ol' Ann Arbor, hopefully a little richer for our efforts, but more hopefully, safe from any traffic or travel mishaps along the way.

Now, here are some important points you may want to take note of:

--My table number is #4008. I'll have my 6 ft Dead Duck and Zombie Chick banner behind me, so that should make me easy to find.

--I'm staying at The Hilton Garden Inn in Des Plains, Illinois (only a few miles from the con, but they provide shuttle service). If anyone wants to find me and Laura, I imagine you can call the front desk.

--I'll be at my table for the bulk of the time, with the exception of one hour per day where I'll be signing my four-page Dead Duck promo at the Ape Entertainment booth (#1140). Friday and Saturday I'll be signing at Ape's booth from 2pm-3pm, and on Sunday I'll sign there at 1pm-2pm.

--I'll be selling:
* Dead Duck bookmarks for $1.00 each
* Pocketoons (small pre-drawn cartoons of varying subject matter) for $5.00 each. Please note that I will NOT be taking requests for Pocketoons drawings, but will be drawing them at my whim and will sell whatever I come up with.
* 8 1/2 X 11 Prints of Dead Duck and other famous characters for $10.00 each. There will be tons of these, but I'll also have ONLY TWO 11 X 17 prints for sale at $20.00 each.
* Caricatures of con attendees--Black and white only, one person=$15.00, two people=$20.00
* Original sketches done on request, you choose the subject matter. $20 for a single character, no background. $5.00 per additional character, $5.00 extra for color. Be prepared to provide a visual reference for your sketch if asked.
* Original "Dead Duck" and "Little Green Men" pages--$100.00 each.
* Dead Duck buttons/four page promos--These will be free (limit one per customer) and will be subject to availability (since free stuff tends to go fast).

So that should do it. Any further questions regarding the con itself can probably be answered on the con's website, which you can view HERE. I hope to see some of you guys out there. Should be loads of fun, and I'm anxious to unveil Dead Duck to the comic reading public. I'll be back sometime next week (or thereabouts, if I'm still burned out from the con)with photos and news about how it all went down. Wish me luck and talk to you soon!

Much love,



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