Sunday, February 01, 2009


Mark you calendars, program it into your Blackberry's, send out the smoke signals and carve it into your arms…..

The Dead Duck online comic launches this Friday, February 6th, at 12:00 am. That means anytime after Midnight (y'know, when we're gonna let it all hang out, according to Eric Clapton) you can view the first installment, which will be the very first page in the Dead Duck graphic novel. Every Friday thereafter I'll be uploading a new page from the book, as well as sharing behind the scenes factoids and trivia in a blog beneath each page.

Now, this doesn't mean that by viewing the online comic you'll be getting everything the upcoming graphic novel has to offer. Oh hell no. I'm only posting a handful of Dead Duck stories online, adventures that you can enjoy without prior knowledge of previous stories. But the really good and juicy stuff relating to Dead Duck's origin and other heavy storytelling will have to wait to be read in the graphic novel. That, plus you'll never see the awesome Chris Sanders' pin-up unless you get the book, and that alone is worth the wait.

For your benefit, I'm including a link to the online site here. Just click on the words below, then bookmark it on your computers so you can see the new stuff every Friday. Sound good? Hit me back Friday and lemme know what you think!




ebd said...

Hmm-- don't suppose you could send an automated reminder :-)

Love to both.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I just saw you in Rue Morgue, congratulations! ^_^ I'm sure you'll be going up and up now!
Btw, this is emogarg from devart, not that I've been there forever.. or that you remember that name. XD Still had to give my congrats!

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