Monday, February 25, 2008

DUCK HUNTER FLYING HIGH and other news...

I'd like to begin this blog by apologizing to a handful of near and dear people who I fear may feel neglected.
*First, my old buddy Premo, who I hope hasn't given up on me and is patiently awaiting
my run in "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" to wrap up so we can finally grab lunch together.

*Next up, my not quite as old but certainly as good buddy Hedgcock (notice how all my friends go by last names? It just sounds cooler), who's wanted to hang out for a long time now, and seems to possess steel belted patience.

*Last but by no means least is my soon to be publisher, Ape Entertainment, who await the return of my contract, which my lawyer Slick Nick Pro-Buonodono is currently making sweet legal love to. Once he gets his judicious man stank all over it, I'll drop my John Hancock on it and we'll bring Dead Duck to the masses.

So to all you I've mentioned, your patience has not gone unnoticed, and rest assured that in two weeks when "Duck Hunter" flies off into the horizon, I'll be here to attend to all your friendship and business needs. And speaking of "Duck Hunter…"

Rehearsals have, in my estimation, been going great. I finally feel I have my lines down (which is always my biggest obstacle), and I'm totally in love with the cast. It's a small and motley crew, a couple of whom I've worked with before, a couple I knew by reputation, and a couple more who I've just met but totally dig already. And having Laura in the cast with me is so great for so many reasons, but mostly because theater is her medium like cartooning is mine, and getting to share in that world with her is just such a thrill and a joy.

Besides performing in "Duck Hunter", I've also been assigned the task of creating a lobby display for people to view during the run of the show. Given that "Duck Hunter" largely concerns the seedy world of tabloid journalism, I created mock newspaper pages from "The Weekly World And Globe" ("Duck Hunter's" prominent rag) and wrote up bogus news stories around some of my celebrity caricatures. These pieces grace the Player's lobby walls, and will be available for sale to any interested parties. For those intending to come to the show, I won't ruin the surprise of the display, but I will give a sneak peek to those who can't make it:

In other art news, I'm still working diligently on Dead Duck by creating more stories for the graphic novel. I really feel like this is the signature project that I've been destined to launch my career with since I was a kid, and I'm overjoyed that it's finally going to happen.

My caricaturing career has hit the skids in recent months, with a few starts and stops. I can only assume its our desert climate economy that's dried my business up lately, but just as much, I blame clients who can't commit. I've had more people approach me, all gung ho for me to create something special for them, only to have them bail on me, either by balking at the price or just avoiding sending me a courtesy e-mail saying they've changed their minds about hiring me. On the matter of price, I contest that though I quote a standard price, I always stress that I'm open to discussion and that nothing is set in stone. That's a hint, people. If you don't dig my price tag, don't just give up on me. Talk to me! You shouldn't deny yourself a unique keepsake and me a much needed paycheck for fear of haggling. I'm a nice guy and will make it work for both of us. As for those who ask of me then run and hide, please stop wasting my time. I played this game in the schoolyard when I was ten, and the routine hasn't aged well. Make sure you really want to hire me before you approach me, and even if you change your mind, man up (even if you're a woman) and have the decency to tell me it ain't happening. My good humor is in short supply these days over cowardly and ill-communicated business practices.

So that's it for now. I'd like to send a shoutout to a couple of my comic making comrades: Adam "Zapple" Talley, who's preparing to wrap up his long running comic book epic "Pleasant Hymns" very soon. Best of luck and enjoy the ride to the finish, muh man. And to Evan "Almighty" Shaner, the most under appreciated cartoonist to grace CMLife since, well, me, just know that there are those of us out there who know how hard you work and appreciate your content and efforts more than a pack of unqualified underage news editors could ever hope to understand. You're too good for that rag, and too talented for those who oversee it. To the rest of you, my love and good spirits are being sent out to you always. Laura inspires me to love, my art inspires me to create, and you inspire me to share my imagination. Thank you for being my audience and friends.


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