Thursday, March 01, 2007


…because my studio is Cheeseburger Press. Y’see, if you read these blog entries regularly, that reference not only would make sense, but would be pretty damn hilarious. Okay. Not hilarious. Ironic maybe. At least as ironic as a cheeseburger could aspire to be. But enough of that noise. Onto the news.

Still no word from Mackinaw Island Press about Pillow Billy. I still have hope, and that’s been enough to get me through my entire life. So what’s a few more weeks? I’ll let you know when something happens.

That magazine is England hasn’t gotten back with me, so I’m for chalking it up to a “Thanks but no thanks” on their end and a best shot given on my part. If by chance they do contact me after I post this blog, you’ll be sure to hear about it. But for now, I consider it done and slowly turn the page.

My big involvement over the past couple weeks has been my return to greeting cards. Or more accurately, my return to attempting to break into the greeting card biz. This will be, I’m pretty sure, my third major attempt to impress the Hallmarks of the world. My first attempt around 1999 was, I see now, a bit amateur and not as thought out as it should have been. My second attempt in 2004 (as seen on my website) looked professional enough, but may have been a bit “edgy” for the greeting card game. But my latest attempt looks professional, has definite focus, and feels like a good mix of mainstream and vintage "Foz" humor. While researching greeting cards, I noticed that some artists who freelance for these companies maintain their studio’s logo on the back so that even though, say, American Greetings is printing the card, it’s still recognizable as the work of the individual cartoonist. So it goes without saying that, in my current batch of cards, I’ve slapped on my Cheeseburger Press logo. If these cards sell, it will be the first time I’ve used my studio name in a completed project, let alone a professional paying one. So that could be cool. Anyhow, here’s one of my new cards for you to view. Hope you dig it.

So that’s that for now. More news when there’s more to tell. Later soon.



Randall Colburn said...

I love the greeting card!

Always good to stay up on Foz news, as opposed to Fox news.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant always! I would love to buy your greeting cards!!

And I'm not just saying that because you are my Jay Fosgitt :)